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In Love With Pretty As A Peach

Look at this on eBay


“Bath & Body Works Pretty As A Peach Lot On Ebay”

As some of you who have been reading my blog posts for the last 2 years know…..I sell Bath & Body Works products on ebay. I went from not having regular sales 2 years ago to having almost back to back sales in 2017 for Bath & Body Works products.

I changed my marketing strategy and it worked out. Yesterday I posted 13 “lots of 5 and 6” items travel size and full size products. Every last lot is priced at $9.99, including the “Pretty As A Peach n More” lot shown in pic. I have to say…this is my best ebay listing in regards to “page views”. Page views for this ebay listing reached “119” yesterday without me sharing the listing. Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it. Until next time,

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Advertising Monday: Hot Travel Size Products From Bath & Body Works

Look at this on eBay


With so many people traveling in the next few months…its not a surprise that Bath & Body Works Travel Size Lotions & Shower Gels are “hot” as fire right now. My ebay listing for these items have 92 page views since sharing the listing on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and google plus yesterday. This listing is for a Lot of 5 shower gels and 5 lotions. The scents include:

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Love & Sunshine
Tahiti Island Dream
Pink Cashmere
Beautiful Day
A Thousand Wishes
Hello Beautiful

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description

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“Valentine’s Day Feathers”


Photo: Pinterest

Advertising Sunday


Photo: Pinterest
Bath & Body Works Shower Gels


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Bath & Body Works Lotions


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Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mists


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Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps

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Top “Bath & Body Works” Blog Posts


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Tuesday’s “Bath & Body Works” stories surrounded our future starting bid prices on Ebay for our auctions for the “Bath & Body Works” full size shower gels and lotions. The suggested “Starting Bid Prices” derived from Bath and Body Works “site sale” going on right now on Shop 50% off and get shower gels and lotions (full size) as low as $6.50, $6.25, and $6.20 each. This is a steal. “Kathryn’s Scented Gifts” “Bath & Body Works” top stories for Tuesday were ,”$6.20 Bath & Body Works Shower Gels” and “Bath & Body Works Press Release, Shop 50% off, “Site Sale”. What is coming up next? Our “Blog Picture” Log for “Bath & Body Works Products” Happy Reading!

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Bath & Body Works Lots: $10 Auctions In November


“Kathryn’s Scented Gifts” loves “Bath & Body Works” everything. And we especially love the fragrance “lots” we have put together. 3 products each. We also have great news. Our “Bath & Body Works” fragrance lots will be moving to “Auction Style” listings in November with a price tag of $10 each on Ebay.  We’re getting ready for the Christmas season. We have lotions, shower gels, and hand sanitizers in supply right now. The scents include: A Thousand Wishes, Moon Light Path, Pumpkin Berry Crumble, Coconut Pumpkin Latte, Pumpkin Cranberry Cider, and Pumpkin Cupcake. More “Bath & Body Works” products are coming in November. We will keep you guys posted. Take care.

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Kathryn’s Scented Gifts


Want more “bath sets?” Kathryn’s Scented Gifts is your one stop shop for bath sets. Read more…

Fine French Bath Set


This glamorous polka-dot bag filled with exotic 4.6 fl oz lotions and gels and a variety of other bathing accoutrements is a testament to the French gift for luxury.

Weight: 1.2 lbs
Set: 9″ x 2″ x 12″ 1/2″ high
Item No: 35624
Retail Price: $14.95.


Visit today!

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Kathryn’s Scented Gifts: Bath And Body Works Sale


Kathryn’s Scented Gifts may not be open for business as of yet, but we don’t want you to miss out on “hot items” for sell on the “Bath And Body Works website

Bath And Body Works Sale

Flashback Fragrances! Body Care $3.75 and up! Savings Over 70%!


Freesia Shower Gel: $3.75 (10 fl oz)
Cucumber Melon Body Lotion: $3.75 (8 fl oz)
Sun-Ripened Raspberry Fine Fragrance Mist: $3.75 (8 fl oz)
Mango Mandarin: $3.75 (8 oz)
Sun-Ripened Raspberry Body Lotion $3.75 ( 8 fl oz)
Sun-Ripened Raspberry Ultra Shea Body Cream: $3.75 (8 oz)
Country Apple Body Lotion $3.75 (8 fl oz)
Country Apple Shower Gel $3.75 (10 fl oz)
Country Apple Fine Fragrance Mist $3.75 (8 fl oz)
Country Apple Ultra Shea Body Cream: $3.75 (8 oz)
Cucumber Melon Shower Gel: $3.75 (10 fl oz)

Find these sale items and more at: Bath And Body Works

Happy Shopping!

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