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A Victoria’s Secret World

“Victoria’s Secret Collection”


“Love Spell Unwrapped”

“Confetti Flower”

“Temptation Water Blooms”

“Bombshell Paris”…and me.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I have Valentine’s Day “goodies” packages in my store on ebay. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could give the woman in your life some things that she would most definitely use? Its the season for stocking perfume and lots of it. From designer fragrances to Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works…ebay has it covered. 
Shop my store for “Lots of 4 and 5 Products from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. Don’t miss out on the deals. 

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Its Hauling Season

Tis the season for hauling…Bath & Body Works products that is. So what do I have in my collection? Fiji Pineapple Palm. This is one of Bath & Body Works “best selling” scents and ebay buyers love this scent as well. Plain and simply put…hauling Bath & Body Works products is such an addiction for me. What makes me buy certain scents to sell on ebay? The color of the bottles helps me make the final decision.
How I sell them is a shocker. Bath & Body Works has offers such as: Buy 3 Get 3 free or Buy 2 and get one free. I’ve decided to sell my new Bath & Body Works in “lots” because the lots are what sell. You can waste your time putting a “lot” on “Buy It Now”, but it may take longer to sell on ebay because there is not enough exposure  for your listings on “Buy It Now”. Believe me…I know. I’ve been selling on ebay for 9 years and I’ve learned a lot.

Another thing that matters to ebay shoppers is the shipping price. “Free Shipping” is what most ebay buyers look for, but most sellers can’t afford to ship their items for free because it simply cuts into their profits. Seller fees have to be paid. And Paypal also takes out its cut for the end of auction transaction. So what advice do I have for you for selling Bath & Body Works products on ebay? You have to do everything by trial and error. That is the only way you learn how to sell on this big auction site. Its hauling season. Let’s sell.sell.sell.

Happy Reading!

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Bath & Body Works “Fiji Pineapple Palm” Shower Gel

Bath & Body Works “Fiji Pineapple Palm” Shower Gel
Starting bid: $0.99


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Bath & Body Works “Strawberry Picnic” Shower Gel

Bath & Body Works “Strawberry Picnic” Shower Gel
Starting bid: $0.99
Happy Shopping!

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Bath & Body Works “Seaside Breeze” Shower Gel

Bath & Body Works “Seaside Breeze” Shower Gel
Starting bid: $0.99

Happy Shopping!

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Bath & Body Works “A Thousand Wishes” Body Cream

Bath & Body Works “A Thousand Wishes” Body Cream
Starting bid: $0.99 
Happy Shopping!

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Capture the Sweet Magnolia

Photo: Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clemintine” Fragrance Mists

There you have it. A picture speaks a thousand words. Its cold out. We are within the winter season, but its feeling a little like Spring around here with the Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clementine” Fragrance Mists.

These are catching a lot of buyers attention om ebay right now. The semi-annual sale for Bath & Body Works will be coming to a close at the end of January. So haul, sell, or collect your Bath & Body Works products for your  collection. Supplies are limited with this promotion from Bath & Body Works. 
What is Kathryn’s Scented Gifts role in this? We will have most scents you desire when supplies are limited at Bath & Body Works. Plus, you get free shipping with all Bath & Body Works if you buy from us on ebay. If you desire to have a little “Spring Clean” in your life, then why not give Sweet Magnolia a try? Great scent. A must have.

Click on the link within posting to view item description

Happy Shopping!

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An eBay Sale Happens When?

Good morning, everyone. I hope all is well with you, guys. Well you guys…I’m back to the eBay seller drawing board again. The “Old Fashioned Whiskey” scented candle sold last night on eBay. Christmas sales are up this year after a struggling 2 years on eBay. You never give up on any of your dreams. Hard work always pay off in the long run.
Moreover, these Christmas sales I’m getting got me thinking about bringing “Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers” back as a list of items to sell on ebay. Everyone needs hand sanitizers year round. But let’s not forget the alluring scent of “Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist.” I’ll most definitely have the Bath & Body Works in at the end of this month. And how cool is that with Valentine’s Day right around the corner?
Furthermore, women buy Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret on ebay for all sorts of reason. But the men also buy both for the women in their lives. I won’t be satisfied until I’m able to carry all of the Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secrets line of products.  This is something I will most definitely be working on.

Happy Reading!

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Christmas With Moonshine

Good Sunday morning, everyone. I hope everyone woke up feeling great and in good spirits. I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. But I had to let you guys know about one particular Smart Living Company product. 

The “Moon Shine Liquor Scented Candle” is the one that everyone wants out of all the scents on ebay. The scents include: strawberry daiquiri, mojito, mimosa, champagne, whiskey, and bourbon. I’ve been watching these candles for weeks. And its a sell…The Moon Shine Scented Candle sold last night. Isn’t that something. I am so happy that I’m about to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Another set of liquor scented candles are on some ebay buyers “wishlist”. They are the “Old Fashioned Whiskey” and “Fresh Mint Julep” liquor scented candle. These candles are on the smaller side than the first candle I talked about. First, these candles sold on auction and now I’ve sold them on Buy It Now. The smart thing I’m doing is listing a suitable quantity for these candles to be purchased and shipped for cheap. That’s where some ebay sellers go wrong. They don’t realize how sensitive the customer is to the shipping cost. The price must be right. 

Happy Reading!

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Have a Good Citrus Morning

Photo: Pinterest

Good morning to all my “citrus people”. Why I say citrus? Because its the wake me up scent in the morning that we are most familiar with.  Everyone has oranges and orange juice in there house at some point. And how does it make you feel when you smell it. You feel good when you smell it. Along with bacon, eggs, and grits…its considered perfect to me. So now you know why you’re “citrus” people today Because you’re the feel good people. Let’s enjoy our day. Here’s to a good day.

Happy Reading!

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