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Have a Good Citrus Morning

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Good morning to all my “citrus people”. Why I say citrus? Because its the wake me up scent in the morning that we are most familiar with.  Everyone has oranges and orange juice in there house at some point. And how does it make you feel when you smell it. You feel good when you smell it. Along with bacon, eggs, and grits…its considered perfect to me. So now you know why you’re “citrus” people today Because you’re the feel good people. Let’s enjoy our day. Here’s to a good day.

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Pretty As a Peach Is My Thing


“Pretty As A Peach N More” Lot of 5 Bath & Body Works Shower Gels

at: kathrynscgifts on ebay

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Final Destination: Waikiki Beach


“Waikiki Beach Coconut n More Lot of 6 Lotions”

Bath & Body Works

“99 cent auction”

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In Love With Pretty As A Peach

Look at this on eBay


“Bath & Body Works Pretty As A Peach Lot On Ebay”

As some of you who have been reading my blog posts for the last 2 years know…..I sell Bath & Body Works products on ebay. I went from not having regular sales 2 years ago to having almost back to back sales in 2017 for Bath & Body Works products.

I changed my marketing strategy and it worked out. Yesterday I posted 13 “lots of 5 and 6” items travel size and full size products. Every last lot is priced at $9.99, including the “Pretty As A Peach n More” lot shown in pic. I have to say…this is my best ebay listing in regards to “page views”. Page views for this ebay listing reached “119” yesterday without me sharing the listing. Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it. Until next time,

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Sweet Surrender

Look at this on eBay


“Pretty As A Peach” is such a beautiful scent from Bath & Body Works. Its soft and supple. This is definitely for those perfume wearers that don’t like the loud heavy scents. Look at that pretty picture. Bursting with color…the bottles themselves sell this product. This is one of my best selling Bath & Body Works scents on ebay. More to come. Its up for sale on ebay. Just click on the ebay link to make your purchase.

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Hot Product


I’ve been selling Bath & Body Works products over a year now. And I think the “hottest” products in the lineup are travel size sets. Like this one…the “Moon Light Path” Bath & Body Works fragrance mist set I have on auction right now on ebay. The little set is getting lots of attention too. More to come about the travel size fragrance mist sets in future postings. Take care.

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Lilac Surprise

Look at this on eBay


It’s summer and flowers are in bloom. The most serene flowers of them all are the purple ones, I think. My favorite color is purple. And there is no need to wonder why I like the Sunrise Creek Lilac Gardens Ribbed Jar Candle. Judging by the bids I have received for this candle on ebay, its safe to say that Lilac is a floral scent that is favored by many people this time of year. The current bid price for this candle is $4.87. Want to see what the fuss is about? Click on the ebay link and place your bid for this candle.

Happy Shopping!

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