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“I Do.” My Dear Pink Chiffon

Photo: Pinterest

Brides expect all types of gifts from their guests on their wedding day. This year, its all about pink. Pink stockings. Pink earrings. Pink things. Pink shoes. And Pink Chiffon.

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Bath & Body Works have lots of products that are ideal as wedding gifts that can turn that new bride into a regular “hauler.” Pink Chiffon…the scent is magnificent and pretty. It is my ideal gift for the bride on any given day. Get a few single bottles, a gift set in this scent. And I tell you, your gift will not be forgotten on the biggest day of her life.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Pink Chiffon and a new pair of heels on my wedding day. I want to be that bride…that woman that embellishes all things pink. So if going to a wedding is in your plans…go out and get the pink stuff. You’ll be glad you did. Happy Reading!


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June Weddings: Its Time For a Discussion

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A “bridesmaid” is the 3rd in command at any wedding. The bride is the first in command. The matron of honor is second. And then there is the “starry-eyed” bridesmaid. Usually dressed almost as elegant as the bride. “Bridesmaid” dresses have to be flawless in details. 

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Some shun the color “pink” for weddings. I myself feel it is perfect next to the color white. Soft. Supple. Simple. There are various shades of pink, including “blush”. However, its really up to the bride to make the final decision for bridesmaids dresses. She has to feel it. See it in her wedding. And be pleased. 

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All bridesmaids call for something different. The age of the bride and her bridesmaids matters when choosing which shade of pink to wear and the style of dress. The last thing you want is for the bridesmaid dresses to be over the top and make the bride and her dress a tad bit invisible.
Asymmetrical is cute, fun, and daring. Its great for a young bride and her bridesmaids when it comes to dresses, especially if your wedding will take place outside. Simple hairstyles are best when it comes to such a type of bridesmaid dress. This style is favored amongst the young at heart bridesmaids.

Photo: Pinterest
For the older or classic bridesmaid, how about a “Isabella?” Its formal. And elegant. Perfect for bridesmaid who don’t desire to reveal too much cleavage. June weddings simply cause for a discussion when considering bridesmaid dresses. The ideal bride wants her wedding to be memorable and unforgettable. Who can hide in a summer wedding? No woman can. So make sure the bridesmaid dress is flawless. Anything else is unacceptable.
Happy Reading!

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“Sunset By the Pool” and other great scents

Photo: Lot of 4 Fragrance Mists

“Sunset by the pool” n more
Hello, my dear readers. Its been awhile since you’ve heard from me. What have I been doing since I’ve been away? I’ve been living it up with my family and selling Bath & Body Works online on ebay and offline. My customers have fallen in love with my prices. And I am so happy about that.
So what is up for sell this month on ebay? Well, the Lot of 4 Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist “Sunset by the Pool” n more. Sunset by the pool is such a lovely scent by Bath & Body Works. Its lightly scented. I love the lightly scented fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works. 

“Boubon Strawberry Vanilla”

“Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea” 

“Country Apple” mists are also included in this lot. Feel free to shop with me on ebay. Just click the link in this post for more details. Happy Shopping!

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Oh how I love being “Mad About You”

Oh how I love being “Mad About You.” You’re there when I need you. You are the letter “O” in my cereal bowl. I have never felt this way for a certain thing. You are the solution for dry skin. 

Bath & Body Works “Mad At You” 24 hour moisture ultra shea butter is the answer for dry skin. The body cream is one of Bath & Body Works best products. And its great to use year round. However, you will see better skin results during the summer months. A smart product from Bath & Body Works that is worthy of praise.

What do you get?
A love struck pairing of soft peonies & black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk.
Key notes: Black currant, bright peony, pink jasmine, white patchouli, vanilla musk

The semi-annual sale is still going on until the end of January. After that, the prices will be back to normal. You know what Bath & Body Works has to offer at its semi-annual sale, but what about “Kathryn’s Scented Gifts?”. Well, we also have a sale. You can have this luxurious body cream at the price of $10.99…free shipping. 

Just the click the link in this posting. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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French Lavender & Honey Cream Set


“French Lavender & Cream Set”

Bath & Body Works “99 cent auctions”

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Valley of Stilettos: The Perfect Easter Shoes


Photo: Pinterest
“Melissa+Vivienne Westwood Shoes”

When you think of Easter, you think of floral patterns, bows, pastels, swirls of colors. Your perfect pair of Easter shoes don’t have to be some boring plain jane numbers. Basic colors are always trending for Easter, but so are polka dots and all the cheery fun colors and patterns…the list goes on. These Melissa+Vivienne Westwood shoes shown in pic are perfect for Easter Sunday. Not over the top…a vintage style that never goes out of style. Where did I find them? I found them on Pinterest. Search Pinterest today for your next ideal shoe style. Do you notice I said shoe style instead of shoes? Pinterest gives you great ideas about various shoes that you may be looking for. Feel free to search the site. Happy Reading!

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Enchanted Heart


Photo: Pinterest
“Bath & Body Works”
“Be Enchanted” Fragrance Mist

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