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Capture the Sweet Magnolia

Photo: Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clemintine” Fragrance Mists

There you have it. A picture speaks a thousand words. Its cold out. We are within the winter season, but its feeling a little like Spring around here with the Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clementine” Fragrance Mists.

These are catching a lot of buyers attention om ebay right now. The semi-annual sale for Bath & Body Works will be coming to a close at the end of January. So haul, sell, or collect your Bath & Body Works products for your  collection. Supplies are limited with this promotion from Bath & Body Works. 
What is Kathryn’s Scented Gifts role in this? We will have most scents you desire when supplies are limited at Bath & Body Works. Plus, you get free shipping with all Bath & Body Works if you buy from us on ebay. If you desire to have a little “Spring Clean” in your life, then why not give Sweet Magnolia a try? Great scent. A must have.

Click on the link within posting to view item description

Happy Shopping!


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French Lavender & Honey Cream Set


“French Lavender & Cream Set”

Bath & Body Works “99 cent auctions”

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Sweet Surrender

Look at this on eBay


“Pretty As A Peach” is such a beautiful scent from Bath & Body Works. Its soft and supple. This is definitely for those perfume wearers that don’t like the loud heavy scents. Look at that pretty picture. Bursting with color…the bottles themselves sell this product. This is one of my best selling Bath & Body Works scents on ebay. More to come. Its up for sale on ebay. Just click on the ebay link to make your purchase.

Happy Shopping!

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“Pure Seduction: The Rare Commodity Fragrance”

Look at this on eBay


Victoria’s Secret
“Pure Seduction”

The Victoria’s Secret rare scent, “Pure Seduction” is one of our hottest ebay listings for “fragrance mists.” Overnight, 5 watchers came in to watch some of the “hottest” scents from Victoria’s Secret and “Pure Seduction” was one of them. The old school scent is still turning heads in the fragrance category. The “Pure Seduction” ebay listing has 187 page views this morning. Its our top ebay listing.

Want to purchase this scent? Click on the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description.

Happy Shopping!

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Good morning, Buying Season


Photo: Pinterest

Good morning, everyone. The buying season is here and we’re down to our last bottle of Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, “Dream.” Buyers are loving our prices on Ebay for these sought out bottles of joy. A new shipment will be in for these “hot” items in January. Search our “ebay listings” to see what else we’re selling.

Happy Shopping!😄

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July 2016: Bath & Body Works Press Release


Bath & Body Works is a heavy weight in the case of sales for its aromatherapy products and invigorating scents. It is also known for bringing back past scents for its customers. In July 2016, Bath & Body Works reintroduces what the company calls “retired fragrances.” This promotion is for lotions, shower gels, body cream, and fine fragrance mists.  Below is a list of the fragrances (Bath & Body Works, 2016).

Secret Wonderland Body Lotion


Sensual Amber Shower Gel


Twilight Woods Ultra Shea Body Cream


Cherry Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist


Save over 49-50% on all retired fragrances.

Visit today!

Happy Shopping!

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June 2016: Bath & Body Works & Victoria’s Secret Press Release


About L Brands

L Brands, through Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Bath & Body Works, La Senza, and Henri Bendel, is an international company. The company operates 3, 038 company-owned specialty merchandise stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Greater China, and its brands are sold in more than 700 additional franchised locations worldwide (L Brands).

L Brands May 2016 Sales

L Brands, Inc. ( NYSE: LB) reported net sales increased 2% to $816.6 million for the four weeks ended May 28, 2016, compared to net sales of $799.1 million for the four weeks ended May 30, 2015. Comparable sales for the four weeks ended May 28, 2016, were flat (L Brands).

The company reported net sales of $3.430 billion for the 17 weeks ended May 28, 2016, an increase of 4% compared to net sales of $3.311 billion for the 17 weeks ended May 30, 2015. Comparable sales for the 17 weeks ended May 28, 2016 increased 2% ( L Brands).

L Brands Websites

Sales numbers were based off management of these important factors:

General economic conditions
The seasonality of L Brands companies
Expanding internationally
Direct channel businesses
Brand protection and trust
Competitive Advantage
Consumer Acceptance

Bath And Body Works Sale


This week’s sale on Bath And Body Works is still going strong. Please refer back to my list of postings for a list of ideal products to buy

Victoria’s Secret Sale


Don’t miss out on the sale for Victoria’s Secret beauty products. Please refer back to my list of postings for a list of ideal products to buy.

Happy Shopping!

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Victoria’s Secret 2016 Press Release: What Is Sexy?


Victoria’s Secret says that style, attitude, and confidence is what makes a woman sexy. The launch of the 2016 Very Sexy Collection features captivating new colors and outrageously colorful fishnet lace accents. The collection includes unlined demi, lightly lined demi, high-neck unlined demi, push-up, and fishbone-back detailing. The starting price for items from this collection is $49.50. Sizes are available, A-DD



Very Sexy Now is a limited edition fragrance. Its scent is fruity floral blend of coconut water, pink lotus, and warm sand accord. The scent includes perfume, fragrance mist, lotion, and mini mist.

How Does Victoria’s Secret Stands Out From The Rest?


Victoria’s Secret is the leading company for purchases made by women. Victoria’s Secret has built its reputation on its lingerie and beauty products, favorable fragrances, and body care. Not only these factors makes this a top leading retail and beauty company. But its infamous celebrated supermodels and runway models brings spice to the world of sexy women. Sexy is a feeling. And women depicts this with self-confidence. Having self-confidence leads to a stress and carefree life. The aim of both Victoria’s Secret and Bath And Body Works is to make women feel better about themselves overall.

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Bath And Body Works At The Right Price


Women love Bath And Body Works products. The variety in scents attracts female customers to buy and purchase its products at any given time of the year. Lotions, soaps, candles, etc. are bought during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. eBay sales for Bath And Body Works products peak during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. A good customer service experience, shipping, and good prices for Bath And Body Works products is number one for buyers when they make the decision to buy from sellers on ebay. Want to know what really gets buyers going? Its when their favorite scents are made available to them.

Buyers Top 10 Favorite Scents On eBay

Endless Weekend
Twilight Woods
Vanilla Bean
Malibu Heat
White Tea And Ginger
Honolulu Sun
Black Currant Vanilla
Warm Vanilla Sugar
Secret Wonderland
Japanese Blossom

Who Offers The Best Price?


eBay sellers prices varies. What’s factored into a good price for Bath And Body Works on eBay? Providing good customer service is number one such as: answering bidders questions about products. A detailed item description is number two ( includes a detailed description for the item being sold). Number three is shipping. Sellers that offer shipping discounts and expedited shipping (ex. next business day) is favored by bidders on eBay. Lastly, the price is number four. The price has to be just right for the bidder. Over pricing an item can cause a bidder to lose interest in the product. Also, buyers tend to not want to do business with sellers in the future if their prices are more than what is offered on the Bath And Body
Works website.

Bath And Body Works

Bath And Body Works differs from ebay in prices. The site offers the best discounts for when you want to buy your favorite scents in bulk. There is always a sale going on within Bath And Body Works. This attracts millions of customers. And buyers have more selections and better shipping options when buying in bulk than on ebay. Overall, each site offers something different for customers.

ebay and Bath And Body Works are both favored by customers for different reasons when buying Bath And Body Works products. It depends on the customer needs, how many products they are trying to purchase, the price, and how fast they want to receive their items. The “Candle Lady” will never tell you which site to buy from predominantly. Instead, I will post information to help you decide, keeping in mind whether or not the customer wants to buy a single bottle, a few bottles, or wants to buy in bulk.

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