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Christmas With Moonshine

Good Sunday morning, everyone. I hope everyone woke up feeling great and in good spirits. I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. But I had to let you guys know about one particular Smart Living Company product. 

The “Moon Shine Liquor Scented Candle” is the one that everyone wants out of all the scents on ebay. The scents include: strawberry daiquiri, mojito, mimosa, champagne, whiskey, and bourbon. I’ve been watching these candles for weeks. And its a sell…The Moon Shine Scented Candle sold last night. Isn’t that something. I am so happy that I’m about to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Another set of liquor scented candles are on some ebay buyers “wishlist”. They are the “Old Fashioned Whiskey” and “Fresh Mint Julep” liquor scented candle. These candles are on the smaller side than the first candle I talked about. First, these candles sold on auction and now I’ve sold them on Buy It Now. The smart thing I’m doing is listing a suitable quantity for these candles to be purchased and shipped for cheap. That’s where some ebay sellers go wrong. They don’t realize how sensitive the customer is to the shipping cost. The price must be right. 

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Why a Specialty Merchandise Ornament Will Win The Christmas Battle

These are some exquisite peacock Christmas Ornaments with sequins, gems, etc. Soft details envelope the attractive bird. Peacocks are becoming more and more popular in the shopping world. Birds most of all are getting stamped onto some of the hottest items. I didn’t know peacocks of all birds were in such demand until I started selling Smart Living Company items. Why will a regular christmas ornament lose the Christmas battle against a specialty merchandise ornament? Simply because its not sold in stores. Ebay is jammed packed with buyers this morning in the christmas ornaments category. My listings are super “red hot” for the must have ornaments that I sell and like those from other sellers on the site. If you haven’t found the perfect christmas ornaments yet. Now is the time to go shopping. Check us out on eBay. 

Ebay seller name: kathrynscgifts
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Glitter, Glam and Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

Good morning, everyone. So everyone knows that I’m an ebay seller. And I sell various things. With a membership with Smart Living Company, I have a ton of stuff at my disposal to sell at all times. Like these beautiful white butterfly gem christmas ornaments with clips. I gotta say the clips are a smart way to hold your ornaments in place so that you can have that look you are going for with your tree….polished. These are being sold as one lot of 4 ornaments. Just listed them on ebay this morning. And page views are extremely high for these beauties already. Are you interested in purchasing these? Find me on ebay. Seller name: kathrynscgifts

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Pretty As a Peach Is My Thing


“Pretty As A Peach N More” Lot of 5 Bath & Body Works Shower Gels

at: kathrynscgifts on ebay

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