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Pretty As a Peach Is My Thing


“Pretty As A Peach N More” Lot of 5 Bath & Body Works Shower Gels

at: kathrynscgifts on ebay


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Final Destination: Waikiki Beach


“Waikiki Beach Coconut n More Lot of 6 Lotions”

Bath & Body Works

“99 cent auction”

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In Love With Pretty As A Peach

Look at this on eBay


“Bath & Body Works Pretty As A Peach Lot On Ebay”

As some of you who have been reading my blog posts for the last 2 years know…..I sell Bath & Body Works products on ebay. I went from not having regular sales 2 years ago to having almost back to back sales in 2017 for Bath & Body Works products.

I changed my marketing strategy and it worked out. Yesterday I posted 13 “lots of 5 and 6” items travel size and full size products. Every last lot is priced at $9.99, including the “Pretty As A Peach n More” lot shown in pic. I have to say…this is my best ebay listing in regards to “page views”. Page views for this ebay listing reached “119” yesterday without me sharing the listing. Thank you all for your support. I appreciate it. Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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French Lavender & Honey Cream Set


“French Lavender & Cream Set”

Bath & Body Works “99 cent auctions”

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“Pure Seduction: The Rare Commodity Fragrance”

Look at this on eBay


Victoria’s Secret
“Pure Seduction”

The Victoria’s Secret rare scent, “Pure Seduction” is one of our hottest ebay listings for “fragrance mists.” Overnight, 5 watchers came in to watch some of the “hottest” scents from Victoria’s Secret and “Pure Seduction” was one of them. The old school scent is still turning heads in the fragrance category. The “Pure Seduction” ebay listing has 187 page views this morning. Its our top ebay listing.

Want to purchase this scent? Click on the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description.

Happy Shopping!

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It’s A “Beautiful Day”

Look at this on eBay


Bath & Body Works got it right when they created this scent, “Beautiful Day” from its mist collection. The blue perfume has me in love this morning. If you haven’t tried it. You should.  I recommend it. And we are selling it on ebay for the price of $4.99.

Want to purchase it? Click on the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description. Happy Shopping!

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“Victoria’s Secret: Coconut Passion”

Look at this on eBay


Photo: Pinterest

The “Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist” is our “hottest” ebay listing this morning with 109 page views just over the course of 2 days of being listed. It was something personal when I picked out this scent at the Victoria’s Secret store. The scent is a soft supple fragrance. And I just love it. Of course, we most definitely charge a lesser price for this scent than Victoria’s Secret. Its on “Buy It Now” on ebay for the low price of $4.99. That’s a steal.

Click on the “Look at this on Ebay” link to view item description. Happy Shopping!

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Advertising Monday: Hot Travel Size Products From Bath & Body Works

Look at this on eBay


With so many people traveling in the next few months…its not a surprise that Bath & Body Works Travel Size Lotions & Shower Gels are “hot” as fire right now. My ebay listing for these items have 92 page views since sharing the listing on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and google plus yesterday. This listing is for a Lot of 5 shower gels and 5 lotions. The scents include:

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Love & Sunshine
Tahiti Island Dream
Pink Cashmere
Beautiful Day
A Thousand Wishes
Hello Beautiful

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Click the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description

Happy Shopping!

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“Sweet “Vanilla Lace” and Its a Sale”


Photo: Pinterest

Ebay Seller, “kathrynscgifts” is here bringing you the latest news about our “Victoria’s Secret” ebay listings. Well, page views were up on Valentine’s Day for the sweet “Vanilla Lace” Fragrance Mist by Victoria’s Secret. It resulted in a sale. What did the customer say when she purchased it? She said she wants a whole lot more of the sweet scent vanilla lace. So what I will be doing next with this favored fragrance mist scent on ebay is keeping a large quantity in stock. Easy sale. It sells itself, my fellow ebay sellers. Don’t miss out on the rewards for selling this top selling product on ebay. Happy Reading!

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