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Make me say it again, “Black Cherry Merlot”

Photo: Pinterest

“Bath & Body Works” Black Cherry Merlot 3 wick candle

Make me say it again, Bath & Body Works. Summer is about romance, embarking on something new and interesting. And the “black cherry merlot” brings us one step closer to getting just that. Black cherry merlot is hypnotic. Its edgy and excitong and I am addicted to this scent.

Photo: Pinterest

Bath & Body Works “Deep Cleansing Black Cherry Merlot” Hand Soap
My sister who is also a customer loves the hand soaps from Bath & Body Works. Black Cherry Merlot scent can be purchased in mini candles, large candles, perfume, and hand soaps. The gentle foaming product line is the one my sister always purchase because of my 3 year old nephew. The gentle foaming line is even gentle on his little hands. However, he wastes most of the hand soap making sud water in the bathroom sink. Well, what can you expect from a 3 year old…gotta love him.

Truth be told, I can’t use most of the Bath & Body Works products because of my sensitive skin, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting. I’m in the process of moving so I’m going to have to take a backseat to my ebay auctions. They will be put on hold for awhile until I move into my new apartment. The craze continues once that happens. 

So those of you who haven’t yet tried the “black cherry merlot” hand soap, you just don’t know what you’re missing. Its not an everyday hand soap scent. Its perfect for special occasions. Go get yours. Its hauling season. Hooray!

Happy Shopping!


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“Sunset by the Pool” Craze

Bath & Body Works Lot of 4 “Sunset by the Pool” n more Fragrance Mists

This Bath & Body Works Lot of 4 “Sunset by the Pool” n more Fragrance Mists is “hot” on ebay right now. We started the bid price for this auction at 99 cent. The bid price is now at $8.50 with 6 days remaining for the auction. Now that is a “hot” auction. There are 6 watchers for this item on ebay.

The “Sunset Pool” Fragrance mist is so different than some of the other scents that Bath & Body Works sell. Its scent is unique and distinctive. And the word “summer” is written all over it. Its not “fruity.” Its not “floral.” Its just a memorable fragrance. I don’t know if this is a new or discontinued scent, but ebay buyers want it real bad. The demand is growing on ebay for the “hot” summer scent. 

On auction, “Sunset Pool” Fragrance Mists are being sold mostly as a single item to purchase. Me myself, I’ve created a Mixed Lot of 4 for sale. The scents include: Sunset by the Pool, Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla, Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea, and Country Apple. Free Shipping is available. Don’t miss the auction. Place your bid.

Happy Shopping!

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A Picture Perfect Bath & Body Works

“Kathryn’s Scented Gifts” past and present sales offline included Bath & Body Works fragrance mists, hand soaps, candles, shower gels. Sold out as always. The Semi-Annual sale for Bath & Body Works allows customers and independent sellers of Bath & Body Works products to “haul” like its nobody’s business. The Semi-Annual sale happens twice a year…in June and in the month of December. I want to kiss the marketer for Bath & Body Works that came up with the theme and time for “hauling.”
Bath & Body Works are my favorite products to sell on and offline. Online on ebay, I like to sell them in “lots”. What are lots? Lots are lots of items sold all together for one price. Bath & Body Works online offers include: free products, mix & match. This is awesome for my online selling on ebay. In order to be successful on selling Bath & Body Works products on ebay…your marketing strategy has to be better than Bath & Body Works. I sell huge “lots” with “free shipping” included. I host auctions once a month. So know this…the “hauling” season continues with me even after the Semi-Annual sales are over. Feel free to shop with me. I welcome your business. We ship only to the U.S.

Happy Shopping!

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Will “Pink Chiffon” Stand a Chance Against “Amber Blush”¬†

So last week, sales for my Bath & Body Works products were through the roof. “Sold Out” I say, you guys. What items were trending last week? Fragrance mist, shower gel, hand sanitizers. The semi-annual sale that Bath & Body Works have each year is the start of a true “haul” for Bath & Body Works customers. Not only do customers buy from Bath & Body Works during this sale, they buy products from friends, ebay sellers, and other places. But how does “Pink Chiffon” fit in? This week on ebay, maybe buyers might fall in love with the Champagne raspberry scent. Let’s cross our fingers. 

However, the “Amber Blush” scent from Bath & Body Works is already grabbing buyers attention on the first day of its auction. I love it. I’ve been waiting to have this scent in my line up of Bath & Body Works products since I can remember. If the demand is great for this scent, I will most definitely keep it in stock. Home sweet home “Amber Blush”.

Check out these pictures of products that sold out last week:

Bath & Body Works “Cashmere Glow” Body Cream

Bath & Body Works “Pearberry” Body Cream

Bath & Body Works “Beach Nights” Body Cream

Bath & Body Works “Cashmere Glow” Fragrance Mist

Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clementine” Fragrance Mist
Yes…summer scents are even selling during this “hauling season”. Don’t miss out on the goodies at the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale. Its time to haul, ladies.
Happy Reading!

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Oh how I love being “Mad About You”

Oh how I love being “Mad About You.” You’re there when I need you. You are the letter “O” in my cereal bowl. I have never felt this way for a certain thing. You are the solution for dry skin. 

Bath & Body Works “Mad At You” 24 hour moisture ultra shea butter is the answer for dry skin. The body cream is one of Bath & Body Works best products. And its great to use year round. However, you will see better skin results during the summer months. A smart product from Bath & Body Works that is worthy of praise.

What do you get?
A love struck pairing of soft peonies & black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk.
Key notes: Black currant, bright peony, pink jasmine, white patchouli, vanilla musk

The semi-annual sale is still going on until the end of January. After that, the prices will be back to normal. You know what Bath & Body Works has to offer at its semi-annual sale, but what about “Kathryn’s Scented Gifts?”. Well, we also have a sale. You can have this luxurious body cream at the price of $10.99…free shipping. 

Just the click the link in this posting. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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Bath & ¬†Body Works Popularity…

Tis the season to be jolly. The world has love on its mind at this very moment. Christmas brings out the best and the worst in people. We’re only human. So ladies if you’re feeling a little stressed with the holidays…you need some quality time with self. Give yourself a pedi, then hop in the shower and wash your cares away with some Bath Body Works shower gel or body wash. Get this holiday season’s scents of course. Sometimes when you’re feeling a little salty about the holidays…you have to do something positive to put you in the mood. Who wants to be a scrooge during Christmas time? 

What are some good holiday scents from bath & body works? Red Velvet Cheer is one scent. You hear that…the word cheer. That’s what it is all about. And any scent with the word “snowflake” in the title is suitable.  Red velvet cheer, an exciting scent. Gets you in the mood. Wakes you up. Just what you need. Then there is the “snowflake” scents…lightly scented. These scents are calming and relaxing. With them all, you are balanced. 

Here we have Velvet Sugar..a true girly scent. You’ll most definitely fall in love with it. The scent takes you back to your adolescent years, all things pink. Appealing scents during adolescent years: fruity, tropical, fresh, candy, and bakery. Now Velvet Sugar is for the fun people. So lets have some fun.

Omg, “Moonlight Path!” This is one of my best selling scents on ebay. However, the scent may not be for everyone. Its a unisex scent. But it lathers up really well. I love bath & body works shower gel. Take my cares away!”

Lastly, the question of the hour is: Why are Bath & Body Works products so popular? Its all in the “marketing” you guys. The colorful bottles for products from bath & body works compliments the brand. And the. Bath & Body Works “hauls” and “collections” help make the brand unforgettable. I love Bath & Body Works. I hope it stays around for a long time

Happy Reading!

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Good Monday Morning

Good Monday morning, everybody. I hope everyone is well today. We’re going to kick the morning off with a New Planter from Smart Living Company, the “All I Need Is Love”Teacup Planter. Not only is the color red popular with a lot of women, but also pink this time of year. I’ve been trying to figure out for the last couple of weeks why planters were so hot on ebay. Simply because lots of flowers are in homeowners holiday decorating scheme. So you need some planters for that. Why not one that empowers you every morning when you look at it with the words, “All I Need Is Love” as the catch phrase?
One lucky ebay buyer purchased one of these from me last night. I told you guys. Listing items for sell on ebay in quantities works and is good for marketing purposes in the long run. “1 item sold” in red is what you see when you click on my 2 prize joy ebay listings. The Smart Living Company Moonshine Scented Candle and the “All I Need Is Love” Planter. 

These items sold have given my other ebay listings so much exposure. Page views are so high for the Liquor Scented Candles I’m selling. The scents include: strawberry daiquiri, champagne, whiskey, mojito, mimosa, gin martini, fresh mint julep, honey bourbon, and the most sought out scent…moonshine.

Its still early in regards to the big Christmas spending extravaganza that is going on right now across the world. Christmas is the biggest shopping holiday. And I’m happy to see customers in storefronts and online get exactly what they want…their needs met. 

Happy Reading!

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Christmas With Moonshine

Good Sunday morning, everyone. I hope everyone woke up feeling great and in good spirits. I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. But I had to let you guys know about one particular Smart Living Company product. 

The “Moon Shine Liquor Scented Candle” is the one that everyone wants out of all the scents on ebay. The scents include: strawberry daiquiri, mojito, mimosa, champagne, whiskey, and bourbon. I’ve been watching these candles for weeks. And its a sell…The Moon Shine Scented Candle sold last night. Isn’t that something. I am so happy that I’m about to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Another set of liquor scented candles are on some ebay buyers “wishlist”. They are the “Old Fashioned Whiskey” and “Fresh Mint Julep” liquor scented candle. These candles are on the smaller side than the first candle I talked about. First, these candles sold on auction and now I’ve sold them on Buy It Now. The smart thing I’m doing is listing a suitable quantity for these candles to be purchased and shipped for cheap. That’s where some ebay sellers go wrong. They don’t realize how sensitive the customer is to the shipping cost. The price must be right. 

Happy Reading!

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Pretty As a Peach Is My Thing


“Pretty As A Peach N More” Lot of 5 Bath & Body Works Shower Gels

at: kathrynscgifts on ebay

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Final Destination: Waikiki Beach


“Waikiki Beach Coconut n More Lot of 6 Lotions”

Bath & Body Works

“99 cent auction”

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