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Victoria’s Secret Mist Collections Hot Summer Nights

Kathryn’s Scented Gifts would like to introduce to you the new Mist Collection, “Hot Summer Nights” coming soon to our July ebay listings.

Also, the Victoria’s Secret “Untamed Mist Collection” will be a part of July’s auction on ebay.

Who isn’t “juiced up” already, ladies? The Victoria’s Secret “Juiced Mist Collection” will also be a part of our ebay auction for July. This will be a huge “lot” up for sale just in time for “The Fourth of July”. This will be a “Lot” of 12 items sold together with “free shipping” included. Bid price starts at 99 cent. Don’t miss it! Happy Fourth in advance. Happy Reading!


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“Sunset By the Pool” and other great scents

Photo: Lot of 4 Fragrance Mists

“Sunset by the pool” n more
Hello, my dear readers. Its been awhile since you’ve heard from me. What have I been doing since I’ve been away? I’ve been living it up with my family and selling Bath & Body Works online on ebay and offline. My customers have fallen in love with my prices. And I am so happy about that.
So what is up for sell this month on ebay? Well, the Lot of 4 Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist “Sunset by the Pool” n more. Sunset by the pool is such a lovely scent by Bath & Body Works. Its lightly scented. I love the lightly scented fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works. 

“Boubon Strawberry Vanilla”

“Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea” 

“Country Apple” mists are also included in this lot. Feel free to shop with me on ebay. Just click the link in this post for more details. Happy Shopping!

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Berry-themed “Dark Kiss”

Bath & Body Works “Dark Kiss” Fragrance Mist

You awake to a cold house, but you just don’t feel it today. Your life is like parables. Often understood. Sometimes misunderstood. It is winter. And with it comes the blies for some. What can you do to get back on track to being you, ladies? You pamper yourself. And no one does that better than you. 

So on that note, I present to you the infamous berry-themed, Bath & Bidy Works “Dark Kiss” Fragrance Mist. Great scent to have in stock any time of the year. Its a very low key scent. The “Dark Kiss” Fragrance Mist is one of my best sellers. And I have a surprise for you. I have it in stock, you guys.

Relaxation and a stress free life can be yours only if you’re determined. Determined to be at ease any season, any time of the year. You have to pamper yourself. Why not with Bath & Body Works?

Click on the link to view item description

Happy Shopping!

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Capture the Sweet Magnolia

Photo: Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clemintine” Fragrance Mists

There you have it. A picture speaks a thousand words. Its cold out. We are within the winter season, but its feeling a little like Spring around here with the Bath & Body Works “Sweet Magnolia & Clementine” Fragrance Mists.

These are catching a lot of buyers attention om ebay right now. The semi-annual sale for Bath & Body Works will be coming to a close at the end of January. So haul, sell, or collect your Bath & Body Works products for your  collection. Supplies are limited with this promotion from Bath & Body Works. 
What is Kathryn’s Scented Gifts role in this? We will have most scents you desire when supplies are limited at Bath & Body Works. Plus, you get free shipping with all Bath & Body Works if you buy from us on ebay. If you desire to have a little “Spring Clean” in your life, then why not give Sweet Magnolia a try? Great scent. A must have.

Click on the link within posting to view item description

Happy Shopping!

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Hot Product


I’ve been selling Bath & Body Works products over a year now. And I think the “hottest” products in the lineup are travel size sets. Like this one…the “Moon Light Path” Bath & Body Works fragrance mist set I have on auction right now on ebay. The little set is getting lots of attention too. More to come about the travel size fragrance mist sets in future postings. Take care.

Happy Reading!

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“Pure Seduction: The Rare Commodity Fragrance”

Look at this on eBay


Victoria’s Secret
“Pure Seduction”

The Victoria’s Secret rare scent, “Pure Seduction” is one of our hottest ebay listings for “fragrance mists.” Overnight, 5 watchers came in to watch some of the “hottest” scents from Victoria’s Secret and “Pure Seduction” was one of them. The old school scent is still turning heads in the fragrance category. The “Pure Seduction” ebay listing has 187 page views this morning. Its our top ebay listing.

Want to purchase this scent? Click on the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description.

Happy Shopping!

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Good morning, Buying Season


Photo: Pinterest

Good morning, everyone. The buying season is here and we’re down to our last bottle of Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist, “Dream.” Buyers are loving our prices on Ebay for these sought out bottles of joy. A new shipment will be in for these “hot” items in January. Search our “ebay listings” to see what else we’re selling.

Happy Shopping!😄

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