June Weddings: Its Time For a Discussion

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A “bridesmaid” is the 3rd in command at any wedding. The bride is the first in command. The matron of honor is second. And then there is the “starry-eyed” bridesmaid. Usually dressed almost as elegant as the bride. “Bridesmaid” dresses have to be flawless in details. 

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Some shun the color “pink” for weddings. I myself feel it is perfect next to the color white. Soft. Supple. Simple. There are various shades of pink, including “blush”. However, its really up to the bride to make the final decision for bridesmaids dresses. She has to feel it. See it in her wedding. And be pleased. 

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All bridesmaids call for something different. The age of the bride and her bridesmaids matters when choosing which shade of pink to wear and the style of dress. The last thing you want is for the bridesmaid dresses to be over the top and make the bride and her dress a tad bit invisible.
Asymmetrical is cute, fun, and daring. Its great for a young bride and her bridesmaids when it comes to dresses, especially if your wedding will take place outside. Simple hairstyles are best when it comes to such a type of bridesmaid dress. This style is favored amongst the young at heart bridesmaids.

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For the older or classic bridesmaid, how about a “Isabella?” Its formal. And elegant. Perfect for bridesmaid who don’t desire to reveal too much cleavage. June weddings simply cause for a discussion when considering bridesmaid dresses. The ideal bride wants her wedding to be memorable and unforgettable. Who can hide in a summer wedding? No woman can. So make sure the bridesmaid dress is flawless. Anything else is unacceptable.
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Good Morning, Grafitti Ladies

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Good morning, everyone. Good morning especially to my, “Grafitti Ladies.” What is a “grafitti lady?” A grafitti lady is a woman who is beaten down by love & relationships in the worst way.
To all domestic violence sisters who are most defomitely grafitti ladies,

I too have been where you have been. I too ran scared for a period in my life. No one knows what you go through while you’re going through it. Yes. They see your scars, but not all that you have lost.
You don’t have a voice in a male dominated situation. Its your situation and you try to find peace, but there is none. The women whom only have themselves to worry about have a better chance of escaping their situation than those with children.
I remember my days under so clearly. I was verbally abused, threatened by my youngest daughter’s father. He told me if I ever left him, he would kill me. And he said that I belonged to him forever. He drew a gun on me during the last days of our relationship after returning from a visit at my brother’s house. I knew then I had to do something. I had to do something because deep down I felt that I would soon meet my demise if I stayed in this.
My youngest daughter’s father downfall in this situation was that he had already been to jail and had a probation officer. I didn’t see why his ex-wife then had called the probation officer to get him away from her when they were together, but I see now. And that’s when I knew he was more afraid of going back to jail among anything. And I played that card to get him out of my life.
I remember visiting my sister one weekend with our newborn baby in tow. While there, I thought long and hard about my next move because everything I was doing affected my daughter as well. So I called him where he was home at my house. I threatened to call his probation officer if he didn’t move out of my house by the time I came home. I found my apartment empty when I returned, his belongings missing, and my key was left on the table. I thought that would be the last time I would see him…he proved me wrong. I eventually had to get an emergency ppo against him. And that stopped him from threatening me. It stopped everything.

Ladies, all of our situations are different. I had a mate who was more afraid of going back to jail than anything. He was fearful of that and that kept him at bay. But oftentimes for most women it doesn’t always work out that way.
Ladies, the moral of this story is to think about how you can prevent your demise. I was willing to die trying. What will you do? 

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Rocker Chics Live It Up!

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A woman is as lovely as she believes,

It doesn’t matter if she is in the finest things or a pair of jeans.

Every woman no matter what your personality or style  should have a heart of a “rocker chic”.
For they live it up in a sense and make every second count.

Forget about the drug play that is associated with such a woman…a rocker chic.
For the strong ones show strength, restraint, and won’t let anyone climb their “tree of life.”

A “rocker chic.” That is what I want to be. Here I come!

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Under Renovation 

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For the last year or so, I have been “under renovation” as well as the apartment I live in. The stress that I’m enduring right now has my anxiety level through the roof. Moving is such a task, especially if you’re comfortable where you are. Well, my apartment manager says I have to move into a newly renovated apartment. I’m happy about it. Don’t get me wrong. But I’m bipolar and doing such tasks like this stresses me out. But I will get through it. The relocation office in my building are the sweetest and promise to make this easy for me. I just need to pack ahead of schedule, keep myself busy so that I don’t freak out about this, and just breathe.
I moved into this current apartment 3 years ago with just the clothes on my back. No furniture. No bed. No nothing, but I had peace. Looking back, I realize I have come a long way and have accomplished many things. I came from homelessness and I have been maintaining things for 3 years. So with that being said, I am most definitely going to put my best foot forward and think positive about this “moving” thing. Its a fresh start. We need a fresh start sometimes. So I am under renovation and I am going to keep calm. Good night!

Happy Reading!

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Make me say it again, “Black Cherry Merlot”

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“Bath & Body Works” Black Cherry Merlot 3 wick candle

Make me say it again, Bath & Body Works. Summer is about romance, embarking on something new and interesting. And the “black cherry merlot” brings us one step closer to getting just that. Black cherry merlot is hypnotic. Its edgy and excitong and I am addicted to this scent.

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Bath & Body Works “Deep Cleansing Black Cherry Merlot” Hand Soap
My sister who is also a customer loves the hand soaps from Bath & Body Works. Black Cherry Merlot scent can be purchased in mini candles, large candles, perfume, and hand soaps. The gentle foaming product line is the one my sister always purchase because of my 3 year old nephew. The gentle foaming line is even gentle on his little hands. However, he wastes most of the hand soap making sud water in the bathroom sink. Well, what can you expect from a 3 year old…gotta love him.

Truth be told, I can’t use most of the Bath & Body Works products because of my sensitive skin, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting. I’m in the process of moving so I’m going to have to take a backseat to my ebay auctions. They will be put on hold for awhile until I move into my new apartment. The craze continues once that happens. 

So those of you who haven’t yet tried the “black cherry merlot” hand soap, you just don’t know what you’re missing. Its not an everyday hand soap scent. Its perfect for special occasions. Go get yours. Its hauling season. Hooray!

Happy Shopping!

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“Sunset by the Pool” Craze


Bath & Body Works Lot of 4 “Sunset by the Pool” n more Fragrance Mists

This Bath & Body Works Lot of 4 “Sunset by the Pool” n more Fragrance Mists is “hot” on ebay right now. We started the bid price for this auction at 99 cent. The bid price is now at $8.50 with 6 days remaining for the auction. Now that is a “hot” auction. There are 6 watchers for this item on ebay.

The “Sunset Pool” Fragrance mist is so different than some of the other scents that Bath & Body Works sell. Its scent is unique and distinctive. And the word “summer” is written all over it. Its not “fruity.” Its not “floral.” Its just a memorable fragrance. I don’t know if this is a new or discontinued scent, but ebay buyers want it real bad. The demand is growing on ebay for the “hot” summer scent. 

On auction, “Sunset Pool” Fragrance Mists are being sold mostly as a single item to purchase. Me myself, I’ve created a Mixed Lot of 4 for sale. The scents include: Sunset by the Pool, Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla, Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea, and Country Apple. Free Shipping is available. Don’t miss the auction. Place your bid.

Happy Shopping!

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Victoria’s Secret Mist Collections Hot Summer Nights

Kathryn’s Scented Gifts would like to introduce to you the new Mist Collection, “Hot Summer Nights” coming soon to our July ebay listings.

Also, the Victoria’s Secret “Untamed Mist Collection” will be a part of July’s auction on ebay.

Who isn’t “juiced up” already, ladies? The Victoria’s Secret “Juiced Mist Collection” will also be a part of our ebay auction for July. This will be a huge “lot” up for sale just in time for “The Fourth of July”. This will be a “Lot” of 12 items sold together with “free shipping” included. Bid price starts at 99 cent. Don’t miss it! Happy Fourth in advance. Happy Reading!

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A Picture Perfect Bath & Body Works

“Kathryn’s Scented Gifts” past and present sales offline included Bath & Body Works fragrance mists, hand soaps, candles, shower gels. Sold out as always. The Semi-Annual sale for Bath & Body Works allows customers and independent sellers of Bath & Body Works products to “haul” like its nobody’s business. The Semi-Annual sale happens twice a year…in June and in the month of December. I want to kiss the marketer for Bath & Body Works that came up with the theme and time for “hauling.”
Bath & Body Works are my favorite products to sell on and offline. Online on ebay, I like to sell them in “lots”. What are lots? Lots are lots of items sold all together for one price. Bath & Body Works online offers include: free products, mix & match. This is awesome for my online selling on ebay. In order to be successful on selling Bath & Body Works products on ebay…your marketing strategy has to be better than Bath & Body Works. I sell huge “lots” with “free shipping” included. I host auctions once a month. So know this…the “hauling” season continues with me even after the Semi-Annual sales are over. Feel free to shop with me. I welcome your business. We ship only to the U.S.

Happy Shopping!

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Lil Mama Is Only Human

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“Lil Mama”, born Niatia Kirkland is a rapper, actress, a mogul in my book. The young woman has been in the headlines on numerous ocassions. Some good. Some bad. Still, she is only human.
The young female rapper got her big break when she released the hypnotic single for the youth “Lip Gloss”. The hit single under her belt knocked down doors in regards to her music career. Where did her inspiration come from? From the streets of New York, from her songstress mother who was also diagnosed with cancer and whom is now deceased, from the youth who she admired liked no other. She was the voice for young people. And she had a wonderful time on the way up to stardom in the music industry until the big mistake she made during the Video Music Awards where she went on stage without being invited when Jay Z and Alicia Keys were performing their hit single, “New York.” Tempers flared and the young female rapper was shunned for the stunt. It tarnished her music career.
She no longer had the respect and love of her fans. Alicia and Jay Z refused to accept her apology for the mishap. Neither of them came to her aid to speak on her behalf. She was a hurt young woman whom had just lost her mother to cancer and she had to deal with this. With it all. The “unforgiving society.”

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I call it the “unforgiving society” because human beings tend to struggle with forgiving people for some of the most absurd things. I was angry with Jay Z and Alicia Keys for awhile who I both admired at the start of their careers, but Im not angry anymore. Im not angry anymore because I’m a realist. I’m not angry anymore because I’m human. I’m not angry anymore because I felt “Lil Mama’s” pain and it was all so inspring to me.

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Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland came from the dirt, the run ins with the law, the crashing music career, and transformed into something beautiful…a person that was still alive…who wasn’t enslaved and brainwashed by money and fame. It didnt motivate her to be the best. She just was. Lil Mama’s mishaps aren’t any different than the rest of us. And I think its time that we check ourselves as a society. We make noise. We create bites through life. But why are we “unforgiving?” Have you thought about that? We are all only human.

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“Sunset By the Pool” and other great scents


Photo: Lot of 4 Fragrance Mists

“Sunset by the pool” n more
Hello, my dear readers. Its been awhile since you’ve heard from me. What have I been doing since I’ve been away? I’ve been living it up with my family and selling Bath & Body Works online on ebay and offline. My customers have fallen in love with my prices. And I am so happy about that.
So what is up for sell this month on ebay? Well, the Lot of 4 Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist “Sunset by the Pool” n more. Sunset by the pool is such a lovely scent by Bath & Body Works. Its lightly scented. I love the lightly scented fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works. 

“Boubon Strawberry Vanilla”

“Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea” 

“Country Apple” mists are also included in this lot. Feel free to shop with me on ebay. Just click the link in this post for more details. Happy Shopping!

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