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“I Do”


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Tis the wedding season…exchanging vows and “i do’s.” What would a vow be without romance, the history, the good and bad times between couples? The wedding dress and the ceremony is not the only important thing within the wedding. The exchange of vows is important as well. For your wedding…would you choose to speak poetically or would it be a couple of paragraphs of heartfelt moments shared between you and your mate? If I ever get married…I choose the poetic route. Why? Because it’s simply a once in a lifetime moment. Weddings are pretty expensive these days. Who can afford to get married and do a second or a third wedding…not unless you’re a celebrity. With my vow, I would say, “I Do.” And that would be my new beginning with someone who matters to me..someone I cherish. A vow is the greatest symbol of love.


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Etsy Sellers: Wedding Gifts


Diane aka Twitter name: @Daisyblu_Diane is just an Artsy woman trying to earn a living, so she says. She reflects that with her handmade wedding gifts: wedding albums, guest books, keepsake, and more.

Etsy Seller Name: Susan and Diane
Twitter name: @Daisyblu_Diane

Etsy website:

Visit the store today!

Happy Shopping!

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Flower Diaries: Ice Cream Tulips


It’s another fun-filled week of “Flower Diaries”. It’s a little late in the week, but the “Aromatherapy” experience in the likes of Bath & Body Works continues this week with a new “Flower Of The Week.”

“Ice Cream Tulips”, yes that is the title of these beautiful flowers. We all can’t get enough of ice cream. A comfort dessert. Comfort brings relaxation. And let’s continue to be relaxed as the week continues. Here’s to a good week, you guys. Happy reading!

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Colorful Wedding Dresses


We talked about simple wedding dresses for a blushing bride on her wedding day earlier this week. Today, we are going to focus on colorful wedding dresses that are still functional for an ideal wedding day and the reception. Let’s take a look at some of the colorful dresses.

The Bold Look


This is a non-white wedding dress that is for the bride who dares to be different. However its boldness, it still stands out like the traditional white wedding dress. This dress is fun with its two-tone dimensions. Do you dare to wear it?

The Blue Ballroom Cinderella Dress


This is a high fashion blue wedding dress with matching gloves that is perfect for a fairytale wedding. What a dream come true to get married in something such as this invigorating number. The crowd wouldn’t take their eyes off of you in this one. Bringing the classic blue back from the past.

A Disney Princess Wedding Dress


With a traditional look, this wedding dress delivers for the young bride. To have a picture perfect wedding dress that is straight out of a fairytale book, a bride has to forget about the traditional rule for wedding dresses. This dress is perfect if you want something such as a Disney inspired wedding dress for your walk down the aisle.

The Frumpy Wedding Dress


Lastly, we have what I call the frumpy wedding dress. It’s baggy and loose fitting for those brides who wants to make a big statement on their wedding day. With a hint of green and yellow, this colorful dress will never fail. What you must remember about your wedding day and the color of your dress is that it must depict who you are and what you want out of your day. These are my selection of colorful wedding dresses of 2016.

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A Simple Wedding Day


As little princesses, some of us dream about a fairy tale wedding. One that includes all the extravagant things, the perfect expensive wedding dress, slippers like Cinderella wore during her day at the ball with the prince, hair accessories that can only be seen in popular bridal magazines. This is what some of us call the perfect wedding day. However, there are those of us too that just want to keep it simple.

This is the new era of “keeping it simple.” We’re into things such as bohemian and beach wedding themes. We like the handmade less expensive accessories. We love simple wedding dresses. The list goes on. Where are my “a simple wedding day” ladies? This article is written just for you.

What do we focus on first? We focus on the dress. For this is usually where things can go totally wrong with last minute planning. To avoid all that, choose a design type as soon as possible. Your dress can either be used, borrowed, or least costly to purchase. Simple designs can be picked up at your local thrift store, from a friend’s closet, and even a department store. It’s your choice of the dress and how you view the word, simple (, 2016).

It’s tradition to wear white dresses. However, this rule can be bent. Today, brides are getting married in such colors like red, pink, yellow, etc. What style do you want your dress to be? Let’s look at a couple of simple dress designs and colors (, 2016).

Darla Camisole & Delia Maxi Skirt


Who said you have to wear a traditional wedding gown on your wedding day? The Darla Camisole & Delia Maxi Skirt is functional and starts from size petite to plus. A cami and a skirt worn on your wedding day brings comfort and style all wrapped up in one. No sacrifices (

Mia Top & Maisey Skirt


This is an ivory colored vintage two-piece. You can’t go wrong with this look. Elegant and beautiful. Yet simple. Functionality goes a long way from wedding to reception. Turn heads in this flattering two-piece. Size: petite to plus (, 2016).

Evelyn Top & Romella Skirt


In a rose and beige wonder, this wedding spectacular screams simple in its design. The color delivers radiance in its details. The lengthy skirt has a Bohemian feel to it. Available in petite to plus size. Color: Petal Pink and Rose Beige (, 2016).

Ella Bodysuit & Amora Skirt


The ivory and porcelain colored skirt set is fun and daring. It showcases the most figure flattering body type. And that would be from size petite to plus. A bodysuit and a skirt. Perfection on your wedding day (, 2016).

Brody Top & Delia Maxi Skirt


The ivory two-piece is ideal for a simple bride. The lace design and vintage look is for the classic bride. Classic style makes this skirt set my no. 1 pick. A must have. Size petite to plus size (, 2016).

Gabriela Gown


No veil. Just a stunning gold gown. I’ve saved the best for last, ladies. This lace and gold spectacular is functional for a wedding and reception. Gold, red, purple, the color of your dress is your choice. Just make sure you keep it simple on your simple day (, 2016).

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Etsy Wedding: Crochet Wedding Slippers


TheCrochetShoppeUSA is an Etsy specialty shop. It stores scrubbies, ice cream cozies,wedding slippers, scarves, hats, coffee cozies, swiffer covers, dish cloths, and more. Crochet world at its best.

(Item shown in picture not
available for sale)

Etsy seller name: TheCrochetShoppeUSA

Twitter name: @JJCrochets

5 Star Rating

Visit store today at:

Happy Shopping!

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Etsy’s Supreme Fashion Jewelry Maker, Laurie Crosby Designs


Laurie Crosby Designs has the fashion jewelry you are looking for at the right price. All fashion jewelry is crafted to perfection.

(item shown in picture not available for sale).

More About Laurie Crosby Designs

Now jewelry maker, ex baker and caker. Multiple items ship at no extra charge. Visit store today on Etsy at:

Follow on Twitter: @LaurieCDesigns

Happy Shopping!

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Etsy Spotlight Sale: Pay Little And Get A Whole Lot With Nancy & Nell Candles


Today’s Spotlight Sale goes to Nancy and Nell of Nancy & Nell Candles on Etsy.

(item shown in picture not available for sell)

All candles are handmade to order in Norfolk. They produce a luxurious scent and will burn 35-40 hrs.


Scents: Lemongrass & Ginger
Material: Soy Wax Blend
Price: $14.54

Ships from United Kingdom
5 Star Rating on Etsy
Etsy seller name: nancyandnellcandles
Twitter name:@nancyandnell1

Please feel free to contact this seller on Etsy if you have any questions.

Shop the store on Etsy:

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Evening Quote: Surrender


To surrender means to give up the past, the in the meantime actions and behaviors, and our negative way of thinking for something new and unfamiliar that may very well challenge us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Negative way of thinking?

For instance,
if you find yourself constantly thinking about failure when you attempt to set out to do anything, such as thinking something may go wrong constantly, then you have a negative way of thinking.

You may have looked failure right in the eye and made the decision to surrender to it, but a transformation can only happen if you are willing to let go. It’s all about a let-go process. Giving up is hard. And doing something new
And developing a new way of thinking that may make you feel less confident because you’re not quite used to the idea just yet about persevering and moving forward is quite normal.

If you believe,
If you have a vision,
If you have a dream, you can make things happen by surrendering and showing acceptance for where you are in the here and now so that you can develop short term and long term goals that are tangible in order to get results that will improve your life. However, a true transformation can only happen if you surrender spiritually as well. This is where changing for the better becomes a reality, your transformation.

Please leave a comment on today’s topic if you like. Thank you.

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Coffee House Chronicles: The 3 Senses


No one can truly live in this world without the 3 senses that makes all the difference on where you end up in life. The 3 senses are:

street smarts- to survive in communities and with daily trials that make it difficult to live in this world at times.

common sense- having the natural ability to put things together. Diving deep into unfamiliar territories.

book sense- needed in order to be the best you can be in this life. Where goals are achieved; balance of life events and growth follows.

The 3 senses are not superficial. They are actual. Believe me…I know. However, you can’t become a master craftsman of all of them if you don’t openly use all 3 senses. No one is greater than the other.

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