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Friday Worthy


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Good Morning, everyone. Happy T.G.I.F. Now get out and enjoy your Friday!




Happy Reading!

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Enter The Wild



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The sophitisticate but raw “wild madagascar vanilla” fragrance from Barh & Body Works is another must have for Bath & Body Works Collections. The elegant bottles from this product line draws you in and leaves you wanting more. Who can’t get enough of “Wild Madagascar Vanilla?





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“Amber Blush” Fragrance Gets a Standing Ovation

A timeless Fragrance from Bath & Body Works gets my vote for being a must have product for every Bath & Body Works Collection in the world.

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Pretty As a Peach Is My Thing


“Pretty As A Peach N More” Lot of 5 Bath & Body Works Shower Gels

at: kathrynscgifts on ebay

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The New Era of Leprechaun Shoes


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Straight out of a storybook..this shoe emphasizes the style of “leprechaun” shoes. No. They’re not green, but a soft cream or beige. If you’re into the “buckle” shoe styles…these shoes are right for you. And how much better can it get with a stiletto shoe? “Valley of Stilettos.”

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Valley of Stilettos: Circles


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“Regilla Shoes”

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Ripe For The Summer


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“Bath & Body Works”
“Pretty As a Peach”
Diamond Shimmer Mist

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“Pure Seduction: The Rare Commodity Fragrance”

Look at this on eBay


Victoria’s Secret
“Pure Seduction”

The Victoria’s Secret rare scent, “Pure Seduction” is one of our hottest ebay listings for “fragrance mists.” Overnight, 5 watchers came in to watch some of the “hottest” scents from Victoria’s Secret and “Pure Seduction” was one of them. The old school scent is still turning heads in the fragrance category. The “Pure Seduction” ebay listing has 187 page views this morning. Its our top ebay listing.

Want to purchase this scent? Click on the “Look At this on Ebay” link to view item description.

Happy Shopping!

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“Victoria’s Secret: Coconut Passion”

Look at this on eBay


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The “Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist” is our “hottest” ebay listing this morning with 109 page views just over the course of 2 days of being listed. It was something personal when I picked out this scent at the Victoria’s Secret store. The scent is a soft supple fragrance. And I just love it. Of course, we most definitely charge a lesser price for this scent than Victoria’s Secret. Its on “Buy It Now” on ebay for the low price of $4.99. That’s a steal.

Click on the “Look at this on Ebay” link to view item description. Happy Shopping!

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“Sandal Shopping”


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With so many sandal styles to choose from…one can get lost for days in a “sandal” valley. Spring and Summer is right around the corner. What sandal styles will you be wearing for these seasons, ladies? Here is what I call the “potato wedge” shoes. The color of potatoes and wedges are most popular in this decade. However, one should always look for comfort when wearing wedges. Who wants hard shoes without the comfortable padding? I don’t. And let’s not forget the “overlapping toe” syndrome because the shoe is too tight. Or, your toes hanging out of beautiful sandals because they are not “true fit”. True fit is very important in regards to stiletto sandals. So don’t forget! If its not a “true fit.”.. Just forget them. Happy Reading!

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