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Coffee House Chronicles: The 3 Senses


No one can truly live in this world without the 3 senses that makes all the difference on where you end up in life. The 3 senses are:

street smarts- to survive in communities and with daily trials that make it difficult to live in this world at times.

common sense- having the natural ability to put things together. Diving deep into unfamiliar territories.

book sense- needed in order to be the best you can be in this life. Where goals are achieved; balance of life events and growth follows.

The 3 senses are not superficial. They are actual. Believe me…I know. However, you can’t become a master craftsman of all of them if you don’t openly use all 3 senses. No one is greater than the other.


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Morning Dew


The day has begun. You wake up. Open the blinds and look out into the world with sleepy eyes. Focusing on the sky which is the main resource of nourishment to the world, to nature, because of the rain. Paying close attention to modern day inventions: cars, the newspaper on the porch across the street at your nearest neighbor house, the basketball that was left in the yard when your kids played with it yesterday. But beneath the basketball is the freshly cut green grass. It has a coating this morning….dew. You see it. And you fall in love with the beauty of it all on how it got there. Straight from God and his hand. You admire it for awhile with joy. Then you climb back into bed for a couple of minutes to dream. And to thank God for the captivating beauty in morning dew- “The Candle Lady”



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Do Readers Scan Blogs?


Do readers prefer scanning over reading blogs? Yes they do. With the busy lives that we live each day, readers simply don’t have time to read through all the information they come across. So they scan articles, blogs, etc. This gesture is not meant to offend the author, but it is just what millions do online. Blame it on the fact that no one really reads anymore. But there is a way to get readers to read your blogs instead of scanning. Here is a list of a few suggestions.


Keep the length of your posts short and sweet. At a minimum 400-600 words.
Use subheadings. Subheadings creates an easy flow for readers when reading your content. It also helps break your material up so that you can hit all important points of your topic.
Use numbered lists. Creates excitement for readers who read your material.
Use bullet points. Utilization of these helps you improve your writings.
Formatting. Using bold and italic writing is favorable when writing
Short paragraph. It’s a fact that readers don’t read as much these days.  So capture their attention with short paragraphs about 3-4 sentences in length.
Communicate with your readers like you talk. There are formal and informal ways to write articles. But the same approach should not be taken when writing blogs. Write, like you talk. This holds a reader’s interest.
Give readers an opportunity to participate. Allowing them to leave comments and share your work through social media gives readers a voice as well.
Link to quality content. Try linking to some of your best material. Readers enjoy clicking through blogs. Keep them active an interested in the discussion at hand.
Go against the grain. Although short posts are ideal for the reader that prefers scanning. Still, there is still a place on the internet for formal writing. So please include lengthy articles in your blogs as well.

No one can argue that readers prefer scanning over reading. So make your blogs fun and interesting by incorporating all what I’ve listed within this post. You can win the reading war, writers. You just have to be dedicated. Give the readers what they want. Write on topics that they can relate to.

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Aromatherapy Stories: Aromatherapy Defined


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to heal in several ways. Essential oils can be inhaled by breathing in the oils, rubbing the oils into the skin, and or rarely taking them by mouth. Essential oils help relieve stress, tension, anxiety, depression, etc. It also helps fight infections, but no scientific evidence has been found to support this belief.

Essential Oils And Their Purpose


Essential oils are natural extracts that are extracted from the roots of plants, seeds, leaves, and flowers. Each oil has its purpose for healing. Such purposes are treating infections or swelling. Orange blossom oil is a prime example. Its purpose is calming. Aromatherapists knowledge of essential oils purpose today was not known during aromatherapy beginnings. What were the trial and errors? What were the drawbacks of aromatherapy?

These types of oils have been used for healing over 6,000 years. The healing properties of lavendar oil can be used to treat a burn is one remedy. In historical times, essential oils were used by the ancient Chinese, Romans, Indians, and Egyptians. Perfumes, cosmetics, and drugs were products of these oils during those times. History got ahead of itself. In World War 1, in 1928, aromatherapy science was founded by, Gattafosse. In the 1950s’ aromatherapy entered a new realm, it was used by nurses, massage therapists, beauticians, and doctors.


Today, many candles, lotions, perfumes, and beauty products contain these oils. However, their are some synthetic properties being used as well in these same products, but they do not share the same attributes as essential oils.

Aromatherapy At Its Best


Aromatherapy is used in various settings such as hospitals and spas. The benefits of aromatherapy are relieving pain, relaxation, and improving mood. Bath And Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are companies that utilize aromatherapy to satisfy their customer needs to find ways to relax and relieve stress by way of smell. Its good to know that natural properties are being used in their products.

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