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International Love


I’d travel around the world just to be in your presence,
To experience fireworks that ignite me all the day long,
To experience the ball dropping,
A rapid heartbeat,
All in the name of love.

No I’m not dying,
But I’m dying to be with you,
The seas can’t deny me,
My heart goes all the day long yearning to have you always near,
For the one thing I desire most is an international love.

The planets resources can dry up,
The sky can lose its thunder,
No separation for us is in the plans,
When the world stops turning,
What do we have left, my love?
Speak it into the atmosphere,
An international love affair


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Etsy’s Supreme Fashion Jewelry Maker, Laurie Crosby Designs


Laurie Crosby Designs has the fashion jewelry you are looking for at the right price. All fashion jewelry is crafted to perfection.

(item shown in picture not available for sale).

More About Laurie Crosby Designs

Now jewelry maker, ex baker and caker. Multiple items ship at no extra charge. Visit store today on Etsy at:

Follow on Twitter: @LaurieCDesigns

Happy Shopping!

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Flower Diaries: Flower Of The Week


Continuing on with the aromatherapy customer experience from the likes of Bath &   Body Works, Kathryn’s Scented Gifts introduces to you the “Flower Of The Week.” Essential oils and natural ingredients found in Bath & Body Works products derives from one of its special ingredients, flowers. So here we are another week promoting the aromatherapy experience. Now for the introduction of the, “Flower Of The Week.”

This week’s “Flower Of The Week” is called, “The Stunning Dahlia.” Uplifting and vibrant in colors, this flower says everything about versatility. Us ladies love being versatile. Our needs, trends, styles, and so on comes from us being unique individuals. Stay tuned for next week’s “Flower Of The Week.” Happy reading!

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Figure Flattering Styles For Today’s Plus Size Woman


The plus size woman has not been in the spotlight, I mean really stuck out, until this year, 2016. Since the 2000s’ when sizing charts were still going through total transformations, plus size fashions have become much more affordable and fashionable  for women looking to buy. Figure flattering dresses, suits, stretch jeans, and more are some of the “hot” items that plus size women are buying these days. No more spending money on outfits or pieces that you’ll hang in the closet as soon as you get them with no plans to ever wear them. Why waste money? Here are a few trends and fashion statements that are being worn by the plus size woman in 2016.


Figure Flattering Dress

Figure flattering dresses are now designed with every body type in mind. Being a plus size woman myself, I find it very hard to shop for figure flattering dresses because I’m super picky. I love a dress that hugs and shows off my curves. A confident plus size woman is born when I try them on at a clothing store. The dresses that fit me to a tee are usually outside of my budget or the clothing store may have limited sizing or available colors. The dress above is for a smaller plus size woman. You must consider all of your assets when shopping for a figure flattering dress. Whether you’re busty or curvaceous, all these things  need to be considered when making the decision to buy. The price range for this type of dress is $29.90 and up, depending on the style of the dress.

Shimmering Mix & Match Pieces


Shopping for pieces is totally different than buying one simple figure flattering dress or the modern day pant suit that hugs the curves. The shimmering blazer, deep plunge blouse, and shimmering skirt in the picture above are mix & match pieces that flatters every  body type. If you’re trying to stay within your budget, shopping for pieces comes with big savings for the consumer.  Mix & Match pieces price ranges can vary from the clearance rack to the most expensive rack in the store. Prices may differ for pieces at different locations. So shop smart.

The Modern Day Pant Suit


The Modern Day Pant Suit hugs even the most curvaceous woman any day. Since the waistline got factored into sizing for the new wave of pant suits that hit store racks, more women are buying the almost extent and forgotten style. Whether you’re rocking a classic shirt with it or not, The Modern Day Pant Suit still looks good and fits well for the price. Pant suit prices range from $40 and up. Every woman should own at least one pant suit.

Lingerie Lane Plus


Plus size bra and panty sets are extremely affordable with so many big names in the lingerie category. Lingerie Lane Plus Sets allow you to mix & match or buy a complete bra and panty set. Other items in this category include, corsets, teddies, gowns, bustier, and more. If you’re busty and you know it, clap your hands. Yes. The sizing chart for lingerie for the plus size woman of today has bigger sizes, more sizes available, and more savings for the product line. The set shown in the photo above is called the, Halle Contour from Adore Me Prices for these sets and mix & matches range from $24.95 and up.


No matter the shape of today’s plus size woman, there is always a look or style that is right for you. Thanks to the designers of today for creating products geared toward full figure women, we can all rest assured that we will end up with something that will actually hug those curves you’ve been hiding. Just because we’re plus size women doesn’t mean that we have to settle for less in the shopping arena. I look forward to writing more stories about the plus size woman in the future. Til then, rock on ladies.

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June 2016: Bath & Body Works & Victoria’s Secret Press Release


About L Brands

L Brands, through Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Bath & Body Works, La Senza, and Henri Bendel, is an international company. The company operates 3, 038 company-owned specialty merchandise stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Greater China, and its brands are sold in more than 700 additional franchised locations worldwide (L Brands).

L Brands May 2016 Sales

L Brands, Inc. ( NYSE: LB) reported net sales increased 2% to $816.6 million for the four weeks ended May 28, 2016, compared to net sales of $799.1 million for the four weeks ended May 30, 2015. Comparable sales for the four weeks ended May 28, 2016, were flat (L Brands).

The company reported net sales of $3.430 billion for the 17 weeks ended May 28, 2016, an increase of 4% compared to net sales of $3.311 billion for the 17 weeks ended May 30, 2015. Comparable sales for the 17 weeks ended May 28, 2016 increased 2% ( L Brands).

L Brands Websites

Sales numbers were based off management of these important factors:

General economic conditions
The seasonality of L Brands companies
Expanding internationally
Direct channel businesses
Brand protection and trust
Competitive Advantage
Consumer Acceptance

Bath And Body Works Sale


This week’s sale on Bath And Body Works is still going strong. Please refer back to my list of postings for a list of ideal products to buy

Victoria’s Secret Sale


Don’t miss out on the sale for Victoria’s Secret beauty products. Please refer back to my list of postings for a list of ideal products to buy.

Happy Shopping!

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Evening Quote: Love And Relationship


If he’s not there, don’t cry.
If he doesn’t show you how much he loves you, Don’t fall apart.
If he doesn’t work hard to mend your broken heart
Pray for his removal out of your life.
Freedom is the best choice sometimes- The Candle Lady

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