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Childhood Tall Tales: Image


I’m 12,
Mature and impressionable,
I’m not like most children my age,
I see the world with adult eyes.
You ask,
“What do I mean by that?”
I’ve been teased in school. Spirit broken down on a daily basis by those who have a fear of what I represent,
They see confidence, a little girl who is forced to mature on the adult level in order to deal with the brutality of self-image destruction by others,
Be it by little girl or boy,
Be it adult,
I have to deal.

What did you expect to read from these pages?
A fictional story about my life?
No. This is non-fiction which I am all about at the rightful age of 12.
I’m not caught up in fairy tales, monster dreams, or anything to do with playtime,
Because I’ve been robbed of my innocence all because I’m a beautiful flower that people choose to refer to as ugly.
From my big nose,
To my full lips,
To my nappy hair,
I’m a 12 year old caught up in image against my own free will.

Who do I blame for this?
The adults,
From magazines depicting skinny beautiful models with beautiful hair, beautiful lips, perfect noses,
To the exercise gurus who say the average waistline should be “28 inches”,
To the adults that say I will be nothing in my tomorrow because I don’t want to be what they think I should be,

I’m 12,
And I’ve been humiliated,
My pain runs deep,
Deeper than the bottom of the ocean,
I just want to scream!
How can people be so cruel?

I don’t want to blame parents for their child beating my spirit down at the end of every class hour.
With some horrific words that eat away slowly at my soul,
Because, be it child or adult,
You still have a choice in the matter.

Why are my looks so important to everyone else, except me?
See what you’ve done adults?
You’ve confused me with your media race,
From your self-absorbed ads about happiness coming if I get involved in your campaign,
When I’m living as an adult at 12 in sadness,

But I have a grown up mind,
I don’t blame God for this,
Not at all,
Human beings have choices and the free will to do the right thing,
For instance,
In this case,
Stop telling tall tales,

I say,
I know you thought this would be a child’s storybook,
Filled with characters that you can imagine being,
But instead,
You get me.

I don’t know if it makes you happy or not,
To be in the midst with a 12 year old who is totally against the growing campaign that is going on,
What society believes to be true,
You get a 12 year old who chooses to end her thoughts about the negative thoughts and actions of self-made individuals who poisoned half the world’s minds with their narrow-minded opinions.

My testimony stops here.

I’m 37,
A strong woman,
A bipolar survivor,
A mother,
A college graduate,
An author before business owner,
An independent thinking woman who has now set her own standards for what her image should depict to others,
A kindred spirit, fearless,
Encouraging others who have gone through the same,
Don’t ever be afraid to grow up against the odds,
Your spirit is always worthy of fighting for.


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Etsy’s Supreme Fashion Jewelry Maker, Laurie Crosby Designs


Laurie Crosby Designs has the fashion jewelry you are looking for at the right price. All fashion jewelry is crafted to perfection.

(item shown in picture not available for sale).

More About Laurie Crosby Designs

Now jewelry maker, ex baker and caker. Multiple items ship at no extra charge. Visit store today on Etsy at:

Follow on Twitter: @LaurieCDesigns

Happy Shopping!

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Evening Quote: Surrender


To surrender means to give up the past, the in the meantime actions and behaviors, and our negative way of thinking for something new and unfamiliar that may very well challenge us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Negative way of thinking?

For instance,
if you find yourself constantly thinking about failure when you attempt to set out to do anything, such as thinking something may go wrong constantly, then you have a negative way of thinking.

You may have looked failure right in the eye and made the decision to surrender to it, but a transformation can only happen if you are willing to let go. It’s all about a let-go process. Giving up is hard. And doing something new
And developing a new way of thinking that may make you feel less confident because you’re not quite used to the idea just yet about persevering and moving forward is quite normal.

If you believe,
If you have a vision,
If you have a dream, you can make things happen by surrendering and showing acceptance for where you are in the here and now so that you can develop short term and long term goals that are tangible in order to get results that will improve your life. However, a true transformation can only happen if you surrender spiritually as well. This is where changing for the better becomes a reality, your transformation.

Please leave a comment on today’s topic if you like. Thank you.

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Flower Diaries: Flower Of The Week


Continuing on with the aromatherapy customer experience from the likes of Bath &   Body Works, Kathryn’s Scented Gifts introduces to you the “Flower Of The Week.” Essential oils and natural ingredients found in Bath & Body Works products derives from one of its special ingredients, flowers. So here we are another week promoting the aromatherapy experience. Now for the introduction of the, “Flower Of The Week.”

This week’s “Flower Of The Week” is called, “The Stunning Dahlia.” Uplifting and vibrant in colors, this flower says everything about versatility. Us ladies love being versatile. Our needs, trends, styles, and so on comes from us being unique individuals. Stay tuned for next week’s “Flower Of The Week.” Happy reading!

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Hobo The Original: Hobos Making A Comeback This Season


About 5 years ago when my distribution business was up and running on eBay, I searched and I researched active listings, completed listings, starting bid prices, and fixed prices, and found the sell of hobo handbags not to be profitable on eBay.  For some reason, the hobo bag was not as popular with women then. But today, hobo bags such as the satchel are what us big city girls carry when we’re on the go. We fit our entire life in these enormous handbags, some medium, but mostly oversized handbags are desirable for this specific purpose. From driver’s licenses to our kids doctor appointment cards, and everything in between, seem to fit into these bags with ease. Today, Hobo The Original has become more famous for being a major cost savings supplier of the hobo.


About Hobo The Original

Hobo was founded in 1991, in Annapolis, Maryland by a woman named, Toni Ray. Could you even imagine that some of the big corporate companies were founded at such places as the dining room table? Yes, the company had Ms. Toni to thank for for her first creations of unique handcrafted leather accessories that has made the company part of the starting lineup for the comeback of hobo bags. She got her start in a Washington, D.C. store.


The Journey To The Top

Ms. Toni desired to launch her own brand so much that she cashed in her life savings and headed to New York with her daughter, Koren Ray, and future son-in-law, David Brewer, to showcase the very first ever hobo handbag collection.

For 23 years and to the present day, Hobo The Original has come a long way from its beginning days at a dining room table. The brand still utilizes its original design plan in order to make durable hobo bags they are known for creating. Toni along with her daughter’s stylish ideas for design of the handbag is still part of the brand’s image that is the driving force to remain the leading manufacturer of hobos.


What Other Hobo Handbag Companies Are Out There?

Although Hobo The Original is the leader and the trusted brand for the manufacture of these stylish bags, there are other companies out there that have followed in their footsteps with the sell of hobo bags. Here is a list of such companies:

Michael Kors Corporation
Christian Dior S.A.
Yves Saint Laurent
Marc Jacobs
Coach, Inc.
Kate Spade
Jimmy Choo Ltd


Styles And Prices For Hobo Bags

Satchels: $14.95 and up
Duffles: $78.00 and up
Slouchy: $19.99 and up
Tote: $31.49 and up


Whatever the look you’re going for, Hobo The Original and other hobo handbag companies have the sleek styles that fits your needs. Whether you’re a city girl or country girl, you’ll find exactly what you need at Hobo The Original or other companies that sell hobo handbags. As the leader in Hobo handbags, Hobo The Original has taken the handbag nation to new heights with its start at a dining room table. This market will surely grow in the coming years. They have Hobo The Original to thank for this.

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40 Stories And Counting:What’s Next?


Kathryn’s Scented Gifts has produced 40 stories and counting. What’s next? Well, let’s see. More business articles, Bath & Body Works And Victoria’s Secret press releases, testimonies, coffee house chronicles, flower diaries, evening quotes, secret eBay auctions coming soon in September, and more. Follow me as Kathryn’s Scented Gifts deliver to you, the reader, our 50th story. Please leave a comment with your suggestions. Thank you. Happy reading.

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Figure Flattering Styles For Today’s Plus Size Woman


The plus size woman has not been in the spotlight, I mean really stuck out, until this year, 2016. Since the 2000s’ when sizing charts were still going through total transformations, plus size fashions have become much more affordable and fashionable  for women looking to buy. Figure flattering dresses, suits, stretch jeans, and more are some of the “hot” items that plus size women are buying these days. No more spending money on outfits or pieces that you’ll hang in the closet as soon as you get them with no plans to ever wear them. Why waste money? Here are a few trends and fashion statements that are being worn by the plus size woman in 2016.


Figure Flattering Dress

Figure flattering dresses are now designed with every body type in mind. Being a plus size woman myself, I find it very hard to shop for figure flattering dresses because I’m super picky. I love a dress that hugs and shows off my curves. A confident plus size woman is born when I try them on at a clothing store. The dresses that fit me to a tee are usually outside of my budget or the clothing store may have limited sizing or available colors. The dress above is for a smaller plus size woman. You must consider all of your assets when shopping for a figure flattering dress. Whether you’re busty or curvaceous, all these things  need to be considered when making the decision to buy. The price range for this type of dress is $29.90 and up, depending on the style of the dress.

Shimmering Mix & Match Pieces


Shopping for pieces is totally different than buying one simple figure flattering dress or the modern day pant suit that hugs the curves. The shimmering blazer, deep plunge blouse, and shimmering skirt in the picture above are mix & match pieces that flatters every  body type. If you’re trying to stay within your budget, shopping for pieces comes with big savings for the consumer.  Mix & Match pieces price ranges can vary from the clearance rack to the most expensive rack in the store. Prices may differ for pieces at different locations. So shop smart.

The Modern Day Pant Suit


The Modern Day Pant Suit hugs even the most curvaceous woman any day. Since the waistline got factored into sizing for the new wave of pant suits that hit store racks, more women are buying the almost extent and forgotten style. Whether you’re rocking a classic shirt with it or not, The Modern Day Pant Suit still looks good and fits well for the price. Pant suit prices range from $40 and up. Every woman should own at least one pant suit.

Lingerie Lane Plus


Plus size bra and panty sets are extremely affordable with so many big names in the lingerie category. Lingerie Lane Plus Sets allow you to mix & match or buy a complete bra and panty set. Other items in this category include, corsets, teddies, gowns, bustier, and more. If you’re busty and you know it, clap your hands. Yes. The sizing chart for lingerie for the plus size woman of today has bigger sizes, more sizes available, and more savings for the product line. The set shown in the photo above is called the, Halle Contour from Adore Me Prices for these sets and mix & matches range from $24.95 and up.


No matter the shape of today’s plus size woman, there is always a look or style that is right for you. Thanks to the designers of today for creating products geared toward full figure women, we can all rest assured that we will end up with something that will actually hug those curves you’ve been hiding. Just because we’re plus size women doesn’t mean that we have to settle for less in the shopping arena. I look forward to writing more stories about the plus size woman in the future. Til then, rock on ladies.

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June 2016: Bath & Body Works & Victoria’s Secret Press Release


About L Brands

L Brands, through Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Bath & Body Works, La Senza, and Henri Bendel, is an international company. The company operates 3, 038 company-owned specialty merchandise stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Greater China, and its brands are sold in more than 700 additional franchised locations worldwide (L Brands).

L Brands May 2016 Sales

L Brands, Inc. ( NYSE: LB) reported net sales increased 2% to $816.6 million for the four weeks ended May 28, 2016, compared to net sales of $799.1 million for the four weeks ended May 30, 2015. Comparable sales for the four weeks ended May 28, 2016, were flat (L Brands).

The company reported net sales of $3.430 billion for the 17 weeks ended May 28, 2016, an increase of 4% compared to net sales of $3.311 billion for the 17 weeks ended May 30, 2015. Comparable sales for the 17 weeks ended May 28, 2016 increased 2% ( L Brands).

L Brands Websites

Sales numbers were based off management of these important factors:

General economic conditions
The seasonality of L Brands companies
Expanding internationally
Direct channel businesses
Brand protection and trust
Competitive Advantage
Consumer Acceptance

Bath And Body Works Sale


This week’s sale on Bath And Body Works is still going strong. Please refer back to my list of postings for a list of ideal products to buy

Victoria’s Secret Sale


Don’t miss out on the sale for Victoria’s Secret beauty products. Please refer back to my list of postings for a list of ideal products to buy.

Happy Shopping!

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Children In Business: Our Little Entrepreneurs


Children are conceived from the act of love. From a cell, they grow depending on the proper nourishment from their mother….the “mother goose.” That nourishment helps organs develop. Like the eyes that helps them see down their path. The nose so they can smell the fresh green grass on higher ground. The fingers so that they can count the obstacles lying in their path. The lips so that they can learn how to be assertive, develop interpersonal skills, and so on. The feet to journey through the world not knowing where they may end up sometimes after achieving life goals. The development process produces good things for little entrepreneurs.

Children In Business: 6 Ways To Empowering Your Children To Start A Business

Empowering your children to start their own business or to join your business is beneficial to them as they go through the life cycle. Kids learn how to make extra money. It also fosters good values within your child. Good values include: becoming a hard worker, helping people, learning how to be ethical, fairness, and being innovative. Teach your children to think outside the box. The 6 ways to start a business follows.

6 Ways To Empower Your Child

Talk to your children and find out what their passions are. Their creativity can lead them to great wealth if they embark on business ventures today.

Be supportive to them by having an open mind. Let them generate and communicate ideas to you. Children are smarter than some of us think. They just need a little guidance sometimes.

Invest in your children and teach them how to invest as well. For instance, a weekly trip to the library to check out books on business is a prime example. Educating them about how to run a business is ideal for little entrepreneurs in training. The more knowledge they acquire about business, the higher the chances are of them being successful.

If you own a business. Hire your child. This hones their business skills. Teach them about the business, but don’t force your vision on them. Let them gain interest in it. Also, allow them to come up with ways to help the business. Having an open mind is vital with this step.

Open a bank account for your children. Make sure its a joint account with both your names on it. Teaching them how to save for their business or partnering up with yours early on is beneficial to them. Having a bank account gives your child independence. Having independence leads them to being prosperous in the future.

Think about all you wish you knew before starting a business. Take this opportunity to share all you know about running a business. This includes information from business workshops you may have attended or some of the pitfalls of running a business. Regardless, you have to be honest with your child. Their success depends on it.


Sabrina is my youngest of 3 children. She is 11 years old, an elementary school graduate this year as well. My daughter has a creative side within her. Since the age of 6, she has been drawing. Her love affair with animation and cartoon characters is one like you’ve never seen. She also enjoys making fashion jewelry which I will be adding to Kathryn’s Scented Gifts product lines when we open back up for business next year. My goal is to teach her how to be successful in running a business. Allowing her to pocket all of the money from her products that sell on eBay will make her feel independent and more confident as she fosters her creative side. Always reward your child for a good job well done.


Adriana, The Marketer

Adriana is an 18 year old college student, holding down 2 jobs to get her through school. My daughter is a marketer in training. She got her start in running a business by working at her father’s clothing store at the age of 15. At the age of 16, Adriana embarked on personal selling and marketing by selling candy every weekend during the summer. These 2 business ventures has made her express interest in becoming a partner in Kathryn’s Scented Gifts. It will be exciting for me to see both my daughters be all they can be in the coming years.


Seeing children in business is very inspiring to us adults. We tend to forget how smart they really are sometimes when they may not want to finish their chores or clean their room for instance. Our roles as parents in our children’s lives is to raise children on a value system that they can use throughout their lives. I want to teach my children this value system by letting them become partners in the business.

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Coffee House Chronicles: Exercising The Mind


Think outside the box.
Reside outside of this world within your mind.
So that you can be strong enough to live within it- The Candle Lady

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