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Fredericks of Hollywood vs Victoria Secret

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Before there was Victoria Secret….it was all about “Fredericks of Hollywood.” Fredericks of Hollywood boutiques had a plethora of lingerie to choose from back in the day  No matter if you were looking for bridal, corsets, lingerie, or costumes…you could find it at “Fredericks of Hollywood.”

I’m a “plus size” female. I can remember buying my first expensive good bra from “Fredericks of Hollywood” back when they were cheaper.  I just turned 21 and I remember wanting to buy me some lingerie of good quality…bras and panties. I wore mostly granny panties during my teenage years. I wanted something different when I became a grown woman. And Fredericks was for the grown women.

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On the other hand, Victoria Secret marketing seemed to be for young adult sensual women. I was young, 21, but curvy. Victoria Secret doesn’t really cater to curvy or plus size wonen. So I rarely shopped there. At the age of 21, I was a little smaller, a medium build with huge breasts. At that time, I could wear a 42 D in Fredericks of Hollywood. And a 38 DD at Victoria. Those were the days where I could go to either lingerie outlet and find something. I loved it.

However, Victoria Secret was too much competition for Fredericks of Hollywood in my town. They closed down the ones close to the city, but kept those open that were further out. I didn’t think any lingerie company that came out would make Fredericks of Hollywood lose its no.1 spot, but it did.

Still, I love them both because they both bring something different. Fredericks for the mature woman. And Victoria for the young adult woman. I was both at some point…or more of a classic you could say. Its funny like that sometimes. What would we do if either of these 2 companies weren’t in the picture? I don’t even want to think about it. 

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“Lingerie and Heels: Life In Lingerie”


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For all those that dare to wear lingerie, we wear it proudly. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. You can wear lingerie whenever. Do you have to wear it to please your mate? No you don’t. In fact, I suggest wearing lingerie to please yourself. Lingerie makes you feel sexy if you’re a woman with a heartbeat. Some may not admit that they wear lingerie or have the strongest desire to. We all wear lingerie for different reasons. That is a known fact. My reason for wearing lingerie is to make myself feel better about myself…more confident so to speak. It has nothing to do with “Valentine’s Day”. I just like to make myself feel like the beautiful woman that I am from time to time. So those who are afraid to wear lingerie, don’t knock us that do. For we are comfortable with self. And have different reasons for spending our lives in lingerie. “Lingerie and Heels.”

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“Lingerie and Heels: Necessary Roughness”


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“Lingerie Heels”

“Lingerie Heels”have become very popular thanks to one of my favorite shoe designers, “Christian Louboutin”. I think these lingerie heels are so unique. Tell me what you think, ladies. Leave a comment. Happy Reading!

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