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“Handbag or Not”


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Believe it or not…handbags are a girl’s best friend. You gotta have something to tote your necessities around in. Why not a handbag?  You can keep it simple or do it big in style. The choice is yours. There are various styles to choose from such as hobos, satchels, duffels, crossbody, totes..the list goes on. In all of my years of being a woman..I have never been big on handbags until now. I went on a date without one in tow and that was a complete horror. For the very first time, I felt displaced without a handbag. So its time for me to go handbag shopping.

What styles do I like? I’m a keep it simple kind of girl. But I want to rock at least 2 styles of handbags for different purposes. How about a duffel? Perfect if I’m riding in a car and for those unexpected nights out with family. A hobo handbag is however my favorite type of bag. I love the dip in the design. It draws me in and never lets me go. If I had a choice…I would have hobos in every color. So there it is. I’m going handbag shopping. What type of handbag will I end up with? I just don’t know. “Handbag Central.” Happy Reading!

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“Introducing “Handbag Central”


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“Tony Burch”

Introducing my new blog category “Handbag Central” where we will discuss some “hot” fashionable and designer handbags. This is my first entry to this new blog category. We have a stunning red “Tony Burch” Buckle Tote shown in pic. Its small in size and is ideal for those who would like a small size tote instead of a big size duffel, satchel, carry all their daily accessories. “Valentine’s Day” is coming and this is a perfect style purse for that special lady in your lives fellas. Shop Tony Burch. Where did I find this tote? I found it on “pinterest.” Search pinterest for all the many handbag styles. Happy Shopping!

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