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“Is The Customer Always Right?”


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Is the customer always right? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Between you, the business owner, and the customer, the right answer can be found within the glorious “benefits package.” However, you have to make it to that point. The art of delivering good customer service lies within the personality of the business owner as well as the conversation. If you can’t connect to the customer to convey the message (benefits package), all hope is loss.

The Role Of Personality In Customer Service

How important is your overall personality in the customer service process? Very important, I must say. Not only must your personality be a welcoming one for relay, but there must be strength and power in the words you convey to the customer. The customer should feel comfortable and confident that you will lead him/her down a path in conversation that results in the satisfaction of needs. Confidence for the business owner can only be established by delivering the truth. Once this is experienced by the customer, the yellow brick road that leads to the conveyance of the “benefits package” will become much clearer. Food for thought, fairness always shines through in regards to customer service. Always be fair, empathetic, and service oriented with your potential customer. Customer loyalty is factored into the conveyance of the “benefits package.”

Customer Service And The Benefits Package

Traditional Customer Service Processes are still admired in today’s world of business. There is longevity within the processes. Your “benefits package” should be conveyed to the customer in  such a way that each detail should be easily interpreted. There is no room for errors or misunderstandings at this point. The “benefits package” whether it be for a service or product should include products to satisfy the customer needs. It should also include additional products or services that addresses the customer needs in the future. You’re well on your way to building good rapport, a good relationship with the potential customer, and setting the stage for customer loyalty now. Don’t deter away from the topic of fairness no matter what. The goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs so that repeat business can be established.

Delivery of products or services that satisfies customers needs cannot happen if a business has poor customer service. Like it or not, you can have the best products or services in the world, but your business will suffer if you refuse to make delivery of good customer service a focus point. Who wants to start a business only to be forced to close its doors because of the lack of customers? No one wants that. Be sure to make delivery of good customer service to customers the focus point in the beginning and during the closing of the deal. You’ll be glad you did. A happy customer makes the best customers.


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