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Ebay vs Charities


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Do you sell new or used clothing on ebay? Or, do you donate it? That is the question of the hour. Both ebay and charities alike have its perks when it comes to the topic of clothing. Working for a charity in the past taught me a lot of things about the daily functions of a charity. My job entailed me scheduling new and existing donors for pick ups for household discards, mostly clothing. The most popular time of the year for most of the donors to donate was during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and The New Year. Donors in return received a tax receipt for their contributions.

On the other hand, I have also had the opportunity to experience personal selling on ebay. Since 2009, I’ve been a member of the innovative online selling giant’s website. What does ebay offer the seller of clothing? The seller of clothing can easily donate a percentage of a sale to its desired charity right from ebay’s website. Yes…ebay does have a charity program on its website which gives ebay a competitive advantage over charities in general. Ebay is a leader in e-commerce. The reasons will be discussed in the following paragraphs

The World of E-commerce On Ebay

Ebay’s e-commerce tool is known worldwide. The online selling giant has a list of selling and buying categories that places the site at the top of the list for selling and buying action. The categories surround collectibles, antiques, clothing, and cars which are the most popular topics. Designer handbags and designer clothing can be sold by an ebay valet. The seller receives 80% of the sale and the ebay valet receives 20% of the sale. An ebay valet is an independent tech that is educated in the selling and distribution of brand name items. There are several drop off locations hosted by Fedex throughout the U.S. This is something new from ebay.

The old e-commerce method is that shipping and expedited shipping, items as described in listings is how “top rated sellers” are born on the site. Having charities on the site is beneficial to its e-commerce activities. With innovative strategies such as this, ebay will continue to show growth in the upcoming years.

Until charities have a strong online presence as ebay has, charities will continue to compete for business in regards of donations of clothing. E-commerce is the way. And ebay has showed strength in this area. Christmas season is right around the corner. Who will win the clothing war?


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Old Vintage Charm


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I’m 38 years old. I grew up on vintage silverware, bowls, cups and saucer sets, mixing bowls, vintage butter bowls, vintage dishes, etc. It’s kind of funny when I reflect on my childhood days that all these items I had taken for granted would be considered “vintage” one day. The “Old Vintage Charm.”


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Vintage dishes, especially plates which are the most popular vintage items today were created in the old world of China. Only those of royalty could afford to buy and eat upon the porcelain plates which are called “china” because of the country location where they derived from. The word porcelain is derived from the word “porcella.” The designs encasing chinaware were of pagodas, dragons, storks, peonies, lotus flowers, and chrysanthemums. These designs are still popular today (Collecting Antique and Vintage Plates and Dishware, Dolores Monet, 2016).


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Vintage clothing seems to most as merely old used clothing. That’s simply not the case at all. The character of vintage clothing is that it is sentimental and whimsy. The quality of an article of vintage clothing is its durability. Vintage clothing was always created to last. Nowadays, clothing is cheaper and constructed by a cheaper process. If you’re not wearing upscale designer fashions of today which in par can most definitely compete with the vintage clothing of yesterday, then you’re not experiencing the luxurious feeling you get by wearing vintage. Modern day cheap fashions do not have the durability qualities of the “old vintage charm” clothing which oftentimes have a lot of attached memories of the past to it (Five Reasons Vintage Clothing Is Not Just “Old Used Clothes,” Rebecca Emily Darling, 2015).

Lastly, “old vintage charm” dishes and clothing carry more than a price tag. There are sentimental values attached to them. We shop and find some things that are durable, creations of today’s era, but the quality is still not of the highest standards of the “vintage” made centuries ago. You gotta love vintage for its worth. The history behind “vintage creations” is what makes these items so popular with consumers. Vintage will be the way in the years to come.

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July 2016: Victoria’s Secret Press Release


Victoria’s Secret Lookbook

The Victoria’s Secret Lookbook features key fashion looks of lingerie, sleepwear, and activewear for each season. This is straight from Visit the site today!

High Summer 2016 Lingerie: Look 1


High Summer 2016 Lingerie: Look 2


See more at:

Happy Reading!

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Etsy Sellers: Crochet Halter Top


Crochetbyarita is an Etsy Seller who sells all sorts of crotchet items and more for babies and women.  She has a 5 Star Rating with great customer reviews. Her items are unique and beautiful.

(Item shown in picture is not for sale)

Etsy Seller Name: Crochetbyarita

5 Star Rating

Visit her Etsy Store today at:

Happy Shopping!

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Hobo The Original: Hobos Making A Comeback This Season


About 5 years ago when my distribution business was up and running on eBay, I searched and I researched active listings, completed listings, starting bid prices, and fixed prices, and found the sell of hobo handbags not to be profitable on eBay.  For some reason, the hobo bag was not as popular with women then. But today, hobo bags such as the satchel are what us big city girls carry when we’re on the go. We fit our entire life in these enormous handbags, some medium, but mostly oversized handbags are desirable for this specific purpose. From driver’s licenses to our kids doctor appointment cards, and everything in between, seem to fit into these bags with ease. Today, Hobo The Original has become more famous for being a major cost savings supplier of the hobo.


About Hobo The Original

Hobo was founded in 1991, in Annapolis, Maryland by a woman named, Toni Ray. Could you even imagine that some of the big corporate companies were founded at such places as the dining room table? Yes, the company had Ms. Toni to thank for for her first creations of unique handcrafted leather accessories that has made the company part of the starting lineup for the comeback of hobo bags. She got her start in a Washington, D.C. store.


The Journey To The Top

Ms. Toni desired to launch her own brand so much that she cashed in her life savings and headed to New York with her daughter, Koren Ray, and future son-in-law, David Brewer, to showcase the very first ever hobo handbag collection.

For 23 years and to the present day, Hobo The Original has come a long way from its beginning days at a dining room table. The brand still utilizes its original design plan in order to make durable hobo bags they are known for creating. Toni along with her daughter’s stylish ideas for design of the handbag is still part of the brand’s image that is the driving force to remain the leading manufacturer of hobos.


What Other Hobo Handbag Companies Are Out There?

Although Hobo The Original is the leader and the trusted brand for the manufacture of these stylish bags, there are other companies out there that have followed in their footsteps with the sell of hobo bags. Here is a list of such companies:

Michael Kors Corporation
Christian Dior S.A.
Yves Saint Laurent
Marc Jacobs
Coach, Inc.
Kate Spade
Jimmy Choo Ltd


Styles And Prices For Hobo Bags

Satchels: $14.95 and up
Duffles: $78.00 and up
Slouchy: $19.99 and up
Tote: $31.49 and up


Whatever the look you’re going for, Hobo The Original and other hobo handbag companies have the sleek styles that fits your needs. Whether you’re a city girl or country girl, you’ll find exactly what you need at Hobo The Original or other companies that sell hobo handbags. As the leader in Hobo handbags, Hobo The Original has taken the handbag nation to new heights with its start at a dining room table. This market will surely grow in the coming years. They have Hobo The Original to thank for this.

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Figure Flattering Styles For Today’s Plus Size Woman


The plus size woman has not been in the spotlight, I mean really stuck out, until this year, 2016. Since the 2000s’ when sizing charts were still going through total transformations, plus size fashions have become much more affordable and fashionable  for women looking to buy. Figure flattering dresses, suits, stretch jeans, and more are some of the “hot” items that plus size women are buying these days. No more spending money on outfits or pieces that you’ll hang in the closet as soon as you get them with no plans to ever wear them. Why waste money? Here are a few trends and fashion statements that are being worn by the plus size woman in 2016.


Figure Flattering Dress

Figure flattering dresses are now designed with every body type in mind. Being a plus size woman myself, I find it very hard to shop for figure flattering dresses because I’m super picky. I love a dress that hugs and shows off my curves. A confident plus size woman is born when I try them on at a clothing store. The dresses that fit me to a tee are usually outside of my budget or the clothing store may have limited sizing or available colors. The dress above is for a smaller plus size woman. You must consider all of your assets when shopping for a figure flattering dress. Whether you’re busty or curvaceous, all these things  need to be considered when making the decision to buy. The price range for this type of dress is $29.90 and up, depending on the style of the dress.

Shimmering Mix & Match Pieces


Shopping for pieces is totally different than buying one simple figure flattering dress or the modern day pant suit that hugs the curves. The shimmering blazer, deep plunge blouse, and shimmering skirt in the picture above are mix & match pieces that flatters every  body type. If you’re trying to stay within your budget, shopping for pieces comes with big savings for the consumer.  Mix & Match pieces price ranges can vary from the clearance rack to the most expensive rack in the store. Prices may differ for pieces at different locations. So shop smart.

The Modern Day Pant Suit


The Modern Day Pant Suit hugs even the most curvaceous woman any day. Since the waistline got factored into sizing for the new wave of pant suits that hit store racks, more women are buying the almost extent and forgotten style. Whether you’re rocking a classic shirt with it or not, The Modern Day Pant Suit still looks good and fits well for the price. Pant suit prices range from $40 and up. Every woman should own at least one pant suit.

Lingerie Lane Plus


Plus size bra and panty sets are extremely affordable with so many big names in the lingerie category. Lingerie Lane Plus Sets allow you to mix & match or buy a complete bra and panty set. Other items in this category include, corsets, teddies, gowns, bustier, and more. If you’re busty and you know it, clap your hands. Yes. The sizing chart for lingerie for the plus size woman of today has bigger sizes, more sizes available, and more savings for the product line. The set shown in the photo above is called the, Halle Contour from Adore Me Prices for these sets and mix & matches range from $24.95 and up.


No matter the shape of today’s plus size woman, there is always a look or style that is right for you. Thanks to the designers of today for creating products geared toward full figure women, we can all rest assured that we will end up with something that will actually hug those curves you’ve been hiding. Just because we’re plus size women doesn’t mean that we have to settle for less in the shopping arena. I look forward to writing more stories about the plus size woman in the future. Til then, rock on ladies.

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Do Readers Scan Blogs?


Do readers prefer scanning over reading blogs? Yes they do. With the busy lives that we live each day, readers simply don’t have time to read through all the information they come across. So they scan articles, blogs, etc. This gesture is not meant to offend the author, but it is just what millions do online. Blame it on the fact that no one really reads anymore. But there is a way to get readers to read your blogs instead of scanning. Here is a list of a few suggestions.


Keep the length of your posts short and sweet. At a minimum 400-600 words.
Use subheadings. Subheadings creates an easy flow for readers when reading your content. It also helps break your material up so that you can hit all important points of your topic.
Use numbered lists. Creates excitement for readers who read your material.
Use bullet points. Utilization of these helps you improve your writings.
Formatting. Using bold and italic writing is favorable when writing
Short paragraph. It’s a fact that readers don’t read as much these days.  So capture their attention with short paragraphs about 3-4 sentences in length.
Communicate with your readers like you talk. There are formal and informal ways to write articles. But the same approach should not be taken when writing blogs. Write, like you talk. This holds a reader’s interest.
Give readers an opportunity to participate. Allowing them to leave comments and share your work through social media gives readers a voice as well.
Link to quality content. Try linking to some of your best material. Readers enjoy clicking through blogs. Keep them active an interested in the discussion at hand.
Go against the grain. Although short posts are ideal for the reader that prefers scanning. Still, there is still a place on the internet for formal writing. So please include lengthy articles in your blogs as well.

No one can argue that readers prefer scanning over reading. So make your blogs fun and interesting by incorporating all what I’ve listed within this post. You can win the reading war, writers. You just have to be dedicated. Give the readers what they want. Write on topics that they can relate to.

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Victoria’s Secret 2016 Press Release: What Is Sexy?


Victoria’s Secret says that style, attitude, and confidence is what makes a woman sexy. The launch of the 2016 Very Sexy Collection features captivating new colors and outrageously colorful fishnet lace accents. The collection includes unlined demi, lightly lined demi, high-neck unlined demi, push-up, and fishbone-back detailing. The starting price for items from this collection is $49.50. Sizes are available, A-DD



Very Sexy Now is a limited edition fragrance. Its scent is fruity floral blend of coconut water, pink lotus, and warm sand accord. The scent includes perfume, fragrance mist, lotion, and mini mist.

How Does Victoria’s Secret Stands Out From The Rest?


Victoria’s Secret is the leading company for purchases made by women. Victoria’s Secret has built its reputation on its lingerie and beauty products, favorable fragrances, and body care. Not only these factors makes this a top leading retail and beauty company. But its infamous celebrated supermodels and runway models brings spice to the world of sexy women. Sexy is a feeling. And women depicts this with self-confidence. Having self-confidence leads to a stress and carefree life. The aim of both Victoria’s Secret and Bath And Body Works is to make women feel better about themselves overall.

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