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Midnight Candle Light

Are you looking for the perfect “Halloween” candle? The savory “Midnight Blue Citrus” 3 wick candle from Bath & Body Works would most definitely be the highlight of the evening. Bath & Body Works candles are created with the customer in mind. They are made from soy wax and most of them have “essential oils” in them. All of their candles have a good clean burn and smell wonderful. I’m in love with Bath & Body Works. And you should be too. Their candles never disappoint!


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God’s Plan

Photo: Pinterest
Don’t be afraid of life, 

Don’t be afraid of death, 

Life is what you make it,

And death is where we lay in rest.

Don’t ever be afraid of God’s Plan,

For it is he who will always understand. 

By: Kathryn

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Apple Cinnamon Cider Delight

Good evening, everyone. I hope all is well with everyone. What have I been doing lately…spending time with family and working on the business. People don’t really realize how hard it is to run an online business. I utilize “dropshipping” as well for my products too. So I’m constantly making sure things are in stock. Whatever is “profitable” can ordinarily be “stressful”. Its a part of the deal.

Now what I really want to talk to you guys about is this wonderful candle “Apple Cinnamon Cider” from Bath & Body Works. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to attempt to sell this candle? Since July. Bath & Body Works online almost never have it in stock. That is what makes me so attracted to it. I’m ready to see what the fuss is about.

And I got to say…the jar its in is so bright red and beautiful. This candle practically sells itself. This is the last day of “The Value a Customer” Sale. So far Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Cider Lane, and Pumpkin Peanut Brittle, and last but not least Vampire blood have been my bestsellers. I love the fact that I started selling candles again. I feel so passionate about them. I’m Kathryn..aka “The Candle Lady”. And you can find these candles and more in my ebaystore 

Happy Shopping!
Good night, everyone.

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Light a Candle

Its candle season. Its time to light candles and cozy up with your favorite blanket. Fall is here. So candles will most definitely be items that both men and women stock up on. Candles are for more than helping your favorite place to dwell smell good. But they are also for helping us “relax.” Yes I said it.
We work, take care of kids, family period. Sometimes it can all be so stressful. We all need the perfect escape away from some of the things that make us stress sometimes. Don’t be ashamed or feel bad if you are one that needs that perfect escape. Reach for a candle and take it. You will be glad you did.

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Red Halloween

Bath & Body Works have a great thing going on right now with their 2018 “Vampire Blood” candle. And I’m loving it as well. My ebay customers are going crazy over the red plum scented candle. What makes this candle more special than the rest of Bath & Body Works Halloween candles? 
I think its because Vampires are the most favored for Halloween night. Also, there are several Vampire blood candles in the line up. I have sold at least 6 of these so far and its not even October yet. See what the fuss is all about. Try this candle today, you guys.

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Slamming Fall 3 Wick Candles From Bath & Body Works

Good morning. Happy Labor Day everybody. Business is booming for me on ebay today on “Labor Day”. Remember when I said I found the “in demand” product from Bath & Body Works in a post prior to this one? 3 wick candles are it. Not single wick, but 3 wick.

Selling a “multiple wick” or “jar candle” or “scented” or “Led Light” candle is extremely profitable on ebay. And their is lots of room for “growth” for these types of candles. I’ve been doing my homework. The 3 wick Bath & Body Works “Vampire Blood” candle is hot commodity on ebay on my website. Its red and its smells like plum. I have sold 4 of these babies on ebay.

Another “hot” pick is the Bath & Body Works “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles” 3 wick candle. The bid price is: $12.50 and the listing has 9 watchers. How cool is that. 

“Mahogany Apple” isn’t far behind. Current Bid Price: $12.50. Don’t miss out on your chance to stock these candles. Visit my ebay store: Kathryn’s Scented Gifts today!

Happy Shopping!

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