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A Red Christmas Special

We start off where we left off on Poinsettias. Hot on the Christmas List as a must have of all things. Since when did Poinsettias become so popular? I guess the people say, “they’ve always been popular.” So what do you do with Poinsettias for the holiday season?

Well, there’s a ton of things you can do. Some of the things you can do with Poinsettias is make centerpieces, holiday decorations, ornaments, stockings, wreaths…the list goes on. I’m going a little off track here, but I want to let you in on something I’ve been thinking about. How about this? I would love to decorate mason jars using poinsettias, reindeer cutouts, christmas tree, and star cutouts to stick on the jar. My jar would be decked out in red…my favorite color.

I would use jewelrey to go around the top of the jars or red ribbons to make them more decorative and appealing. Inside the jars, all types of red, clear, and silver jewelry. It would be nice if I could add something like a “LED” light inside the jars to make them stand out at night. At least I think that is a great idea. So what do you guys think? Leave a comment for me, guys. And we’ll have a discussion about it.

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O these are the glory days for red and women are wearing lots of it from Christmas to Mother’s Day. So do the color red work for everyone? No it doesn’t. Think of the color red as a pastel color. Its not as light as pastel, but it is still a color you want to deliver a flawless look when wearing. You can’t hide anything wearing red either. A couple of love handles, rolls, you name it. I’m a plus size woman. So I know. But above everything, know your body type.  You can decrease some of your wardrobe malfunctions just by knowing your body type.

Red Hot Fashion 2017

Red On the “Sexy” Catwalk

You can either dress up or dress down in the color red. Just a simple pair of jeans and your favorite black boots and red coat make you shine as big as any movie star. Those who keep it simple seem to be the ones who dress for themselves. So when you dress yourself…ask your self this question: who am I dressing up for? Myself, my friends, my mate. Let it always be for you. And those whom will encounter you will love you that much more for keeping it simple. 

Hollywood glitz and glamour, models, movie stars, female singers all wear red some time in their line of work. Why wouldn’t they? Red is a great color to market yourself in. Everyone will remember you if you wear red. From a business side, red works to get the message out. On a more casual side, there are times you shouldn’t wear red. If you grew up in the 70s era, then you might have heard this before. It is so true. Signing off, you guys.

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Christmas With Moonshine

Good Sunday morning, everyone. I hope everyone woke up feeling great and in good spirits. I don’t want to take up too much of your time today. But I had to let you guys know about one particular Smart Living Company product. 

The “Moon Shine Liquor Scented Candle” is the one that everyone wants out of all the scents on ebay. The scents include: strawberry daiquiri, mojito, mimosa, champagne, whiskey, and bourbon. I’ve been watching these candles for weeks. And its a sell…The Moon Shine Scented Candle sold last night. Isn’t that something. I am so happy that I’m about to put a smile on someone’s face. 

Another set of liquor scented candles are on some ebay buyers “wishlist”. They are the “Old Fashioned Whiskey” and “Fresh Mint Julep” liquor scented candle. These candles are on the smaller side than the first candle I talked about. First, these candles sold on auction and now I’ve sold them on Buy It Now. The smart thing I’m doing is listing a suitable quantity for these candles to be purchased and shipped for cheap. That’s where some ebay sellers go wrong. They don’t realize how sensitive the customer is to the shipping cost. The price must be right. 

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