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I See Your Monsters

I listen to your music and I’m not inspired,

For you give great reference to women in a negative way,

Great reference to drugs,

And I’m not inspired,

Great reference to violence,

And I’m not inspired, 

I see your monsters.

Whatever happened to the lovers of 70s’ soul and oldschool hip-hop? 

Where whatever the artist created upliftedc the listener,

Where the use of the dictionary as a source was apparent,

Today, music is not the same,

All it makes me see is monsters.

The monsters I’m trying to run from comes out when I turn up the music,

But what do I do? 

I remember what comes from darkness,

Light comes from darkness,

And it reigns forever more, 

Positive thikers, can we be?

The star of the show shows consistency in mentoring our tomorrows in being the best they can be.

Negative defects don’t work we see. 

No monsters is the solution. 

So watch what comes out of your mouth. 

Painted picture perfect,

Sketched to your perfection,

Drawn to inspire you to believe,

This is all we need.

Love back in the world,

Touching the souls of evety boy and girl,

Love notes as the imagery of pearls.
No monsters,

No negativity,

Remember the soul, the blues, the jazz, the classic rock,

All inspired,

Oh how it inspired,

No monsters because we are better than. 

Bring in the bright minds and help them stand. 
I see your monsters, but they don’t represent all the prized joys across the world,

That hold on to our words for dear life,

Teach new beginnings and add bite and bark,

So that we don’t be afraid of the things in the dark,

Negativity set us free when we remove it,

And to believe once again is liberating. 

Your change, my change, we all win.

Happy Reading!


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Commitment Road

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“Make a commitment. Be committed to self. Once you can accomplish this, you can commit to another. A long lasting sacrifice produces everlasting strength. And that you will be.”


Happy Reading!

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Have a Good Citrus Morning

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Good morning to all my “citrus people”. Why I say citrus? Because its the wake me up scent in the morning that we are most familiar with.  Everyone has oranges and orange juice in there house at some point. And how does it make you feel when you smell it. You feel good when you smell it. Along with bacon, eggs, and grits…its considered perfect to me. So now you know why you’re “citrus” people today Because you’re the feel good people. Let’s enjoy our day. Here’s to a good day.

Happy Reading!

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Say Something Anew

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“Say something. Don’t just say anything. Think before you speak. Because your words will either break hearts or mend them. Your words will either degrade or uplift. Whatever you do, don’t just speak. Say something that brings hope to others in order for them to grow.”


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Ice Soul

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“To make people believe…you live a life, live out a dream, or a total lie. But for some reason, I feel like I’ve awakened to a generation of liars. The tall talers, the game players, the savages, and I’m the most normal person in the world. Who has the “ice soul”…me or them?”


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For the writer that steals rainbows…

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“You don’t know why people do what they do. They are not under your control. But you do control your thoughts and feelings. When you’re in pain, simply write until you feel better. Until it all makes sense. Until you see the rainbow and have received your pot of gold.”


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Good Morning…umbrellas are needed

Good morning, you guys. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their morning. Do we remember what happened yesterday? Was it good or bad? Don’t let your yesterday put a damper on the present day. Whatever didn’t go right yesterday, you have a chance to get it right today. Now its coffee time for me. Enjoy your day, my people. Here’s to a good day!

Happy Reading!

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And The Men Are Here

And the men are here. Its been a while since I did a “Braided Kings” feature on here. I’m not doing a whole lot today, but researching. And I stumbled upon these “Braided Kings.”

A “Braided King” is any man that wears there hair in braided hairstyles. I especially love the dread hairstyles. They look so natural. The longer the better. What do you guys, thimk? Long or short dreads?

These are the new founded “Braided Kings”. We’re keeping it simple today. We’re focusing on braided mens hairstyles. Leave a comment if you like any of the new additions. Thank you.

Happy Reading!

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Good Morning: Last Days of Summer

Last Days of summer and its been awhile since I posted on here. But you guys have been on my mind all the while. Good morning, everyone. I’ve been working on new material for the blog. A book of poetry with loyalty as the topic. I’ve posted a couple of poems on here from it. So I hope you enjoy them all once I’ve completed this book. 
Happy Reading!

“Here’s to a good day!”

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Love Me Tender

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I hear the call of the wild,

Love letters fall and I’m captured by your intense heart, 

Fingertips feel like the sunshine on my skin,

You have a way with me,

Your way to love me tender,

Take my breath away forever.

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