“Advertising Tuesday: A Good Picture Is Vital”

February 14, 2017 Kathryn
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Photo: Pinterest
“Bath & Body Works”
“A Thousand Wishes”
at: stores.ebay.com/kathrynscgifts

Ebay Seller: kathrynscgifts is here to tell those who are thinking about selling on ebay that the picture you include in your ebay listing is your biggest selling point. You can add tons of pictures…ebay allows you to add 12 with each listing, but you have to realize that your ebay listing will not get looked at as much if you don’t have a good product picture. Photos come alive with color. So make sure you   make color adjustments to your photo on your phone or while listing on ebay. Ebay has a color adjuster feature in every listing. And lots of colors makes pics pop.

We have the “Bath & Body Works” A Thousand Wishes lotion on sale right now in our ebay store. Enjoy 20% off on all Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret products. Visit us today at: stores.ebay..com/kathrynscgifts

How Is The “A Thousand Wishes” Ebay Listing Doing?

The question of the morning is how is the “a thousand wishes” ebay listing doing this morning? Well, the ebay listing is for a single bottle. And its almost mid-week and page views are low….53 “Page Views.” I don’t expect them to be up for this listing right now. For one, it was just added…and two, we’re in the middle of the work week. Will the page views increase by the weekend? We will have to wait and see. I will keep you guys posted. Happy Reading!


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