Do You Have Love and Relationship Figured Out?

October 17, 2016 Kathryn
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Do you have love and relationship figured out? Do you know the “ins” and “outs” of your mate? Do you think your relationship will last? Well, no one knows the answers to these questions entirely. Half right. The other portion of the answer is speculation.

Question 1: Do you have love and relationship figured out? There are so many chapters to love and relationship that if we did a “mental covering” of them all, no one would ever break up with their mate. We would all have the hidden truths about love and relationship right at our disposal to use as we wish…for the sake of good and bad. What I believe with love and relationship is that its not meant for us to know all what love and relationship entails right at the moment we want to. There are journeys we all must embark on in love and relationship. Only then will we learn about ourselves, our mates, and the true meaning of love and relationship in general once we have completed each of them.

Question 2: Do you know the “ins” and “outs” of your mate? I know firsthand that you will never know all the “ins” and “outs” during your years of dating, being in solid relationships, or even marriage. You will never know everything about a person. There is much to discover, about an individual, especially if the individual is your significant other.

The “safe perimeter” that individuals allow us to enter when exploring a relationship is what I call the “safe zone” This is where enough information that is needed to be shared for the purpose of having a relationship is shared. From this point, more information about your significant other can be obtained when the individual feels like you have done well with the utilization of the “need to know” information pertaining to them. Let’s be honest. No individual will never allow you to know everything about them. There are boundaries that people may draw to stay in their protected zone. But what you can do is utilize “need to know” information about your significant other the right way. And with that being conducted, more than “need to know” information will be revealed in the future.

Question 3: Do you think your relationship will last? No one knows when. No one knows from the start of a relationship how it may very well end. But we must enjoy the time spent with a significant other like the relationship may end today. Not scarily. But if that person means anything to you…seize the moment and show them right then. Because even if your “moment of collaboration” is not right now, who knows what the future may hold? So take the little you’ve gotten from this blog post to add to your journal of information about “love and relationship.” Happy reading!


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