Steampunk Revisited

September 10, 2016 Kathryn
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Photo: Pinterest

Yesterday, steampunk was something people refused to accept and knew little about. Today, steampunk is a fast-moving artistic, fashionable, and appealing topic that people are becoming more interested in reading about. I wrote an article some months ago titled, “Steampunk Fashion Era.” You guys have been reading it for the past week or so. With new views adding up, I thought it may be time to write another article about Steampunk. Let’s talk about steampunk shoes.

The steampunk stiletto heel shown in the picture above is a little bit gothic, a little sexy, and so steampunk. Who can deny that these shoes are not calling their name to buy them? A lover of pumps and stiletto heels, I find the silver steampunk accents an added bonus to the shoe. The accents make this plain Gothic shoe not so plain. I would most definitely add these shoes to my collection if I had my way or a collection at all.


Photo: Pinterest

Another popular thing we look forward to is stylish phone cases. I found this delicately designed phone case on Pinterest. And I just had to write something about it. The deep brown metal is inviting. And the uniqueness of this stylish phone case would have others in awe.


Photo: Pinterest

Next, we love to get our nails done ladies. And stiletto nails have been a big hit with us women since their introduction. The steampunk (finger armor) celebrates this. These are ideal for those who dare to wear them as a fashion statement. I hope to see more of this steampunk piece in the coming decades.


Lastly, we all have clocks. And this steampunk piece is the most favorited of all the steampunk pieces. Why? Because the “clock” is one of steampunk’s iconic pieces….bells and whistles so to speak. Intricate designs make this pic of this clock pop. A piece worth buying and worthy of being treasured. More on steampunk in the coming months.


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