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August 14, 2016 Kathryn
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We as women beautify ourselves on several levels…fashion, spa treatments, hair and most important, our skin. We use such products to make ourselves even more beautiful. Be it natural beauty make up products or those makeup products that reflect our beautiful selves like supermodels from a fashion magazine, the health of our skin should be important to us. And weighing our options to use certain makeup on our skin should be a priority if you are indeed a constant user of beauty products. Promoting healthy skin while beautifying yourself will be discussed.

Makeup That Produces Healthy Skin


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With so many women wearing makeup nowadays, with the fact that the health and beauty industry is a booming business, cosmetic companies are listening to their customers and are developing makeup that promotes healthy skin. From lipstick to mascara, the benefits are great for promoting healthy skin (How To Improve Your Complexion with Skin Benefiting Makeup, Erin Lukas, 2016).

Skin Care Tips


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If you utilize a mist cleanser to clean your skin, incorporate a moisturizer as well to put moisture back into your skin. A good example would be Body Shop’s Vitamin E face mist at: thebodyshop.com

Using a sunscreen with SPF is great as well to take care of your skin. Sponging the SPF sunscreen on is said to be best because it helps penetrate deep within the layers of skin. A good example would be “Beauty Blender’s pink oval” at: beautyblender.net

Use a “soothing oil” such as jasmine extract that is rich with antioxidants to condition the skin. A product that is dermatologist recommended is “Rodin Olio Lusso” which contains jasmine that gives the skin a healthy look. You can purchase it at: oliolusso.com (www.instyle.com, 2016). These are just a few steps to take in promoting healthy skin.

Eating Right and Getting Proper Rest


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The best regimen to be given is to get proper rest. Equip yourself with beneficial methods to continue to produce healthy looking skin as you go through the aging process. Drink lots of water and eat lots of vegetables. These tips are all ways to promote healthy skin. It can be achieved.

Today’s cosmetic industry has learned from its pitfalls of yesterday with makeup that clogged pores and produced unhealthy skin. The swift change in business these days is the fact that companies listen to their customers. Armed with beauty products in today’s era, we women are most satisfied with the results. It’s what we’ve been asking for, healthy looking skin.


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