Fishing For A Gourmet Meal

August 13, 2016 Kathryn
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May they rest in peace. My youngest daughter’s grandmother and grandfather introduced me to the world of fishing before my daughter was born. The summer of 2004 was my first year in with fishing. On hot summer days, we made the decision to go down to the riverfront and get some fishing time in. It was me, pregnant with my youngest daughter at the time, my daughter’s father, and his parents. We arrived early mornings to the riverfront, the cool of the morning, when the water was oftentimes choppy. I loved being by the water. Being a water sign, it was total relaxation to me and my unborn child.


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Have I ever cast the “line” into the water? No I haven’t. I was a bit of a watcher. The riverfront was filled with “fishing watchers.” Not everyone came down to fish, crowding the riverfront walkway, people jogged, socialized, had cookouts, all by this beautiful scene of water. My daughter’s father and his dad fishing supplies included the tackle box itself, worms, hooks, lines, and fishing rods. Snacks were often packed. Saltine crackers and sardines it was. And there I sat watching them with my daughter’s grandmother next to me, we both watched as the men of the family went “fishing for us a gourmet meal.”


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At the end of the fishing day, our gourmet meal was revealed. A couple of pounds of “silver bass” sometimes “white bass”. At home, my daughter’s grandfather was the designated chef at the end of the “fishing day.” I can see him now when I close my eyes, getting the hot skillet of grease ready, preparing the salad, baking potatoes in the oven with a side of biscuits or garlic bread. My daughter’s grandfather and I had a lot in common. We both were water signs and we were family oriented. I miss both him and his wife. They were members of my family for a short while. Family meant everything to them. I miss those summer fishing days. “Fishing for a gourmet meal” kept my family together. Rest in peace, my “loves.”


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