Ebay vs Charities

August 8, 2016 Kathryn
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Do you sell new or used clothing on ebay? Or, do you donate it? That is the question of the hour. Both ebay and charities alike have its perks when it comes to the topic of clothing. Working for a charity in the past taught me a lot of things about the daily functions of a charity. My job entailed me scheduling new and existing donors for pick ups for household discards, mostly clothing. The most popular time of the year for most of the donors to donate was during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and The New Year. Donors in return received a tax receipt for their contributions.

On the other hand, I have also had the opportunity to experience personal selling on ebay. Since 2009, I’ve been a member of the innovative online selling giant’s website. What does ebay offer the seller of clothing? The seller of clothing can easily donate a percentage of a sale to its desired charity right from ebay’s website. Yes…ebay does have a charity program on its website which gives ebay a competitive advantage over charities in general. Ebay is a leader in e-commerce. The reasons will be discussed in the following paragraphs

The World of E-commerce On Ebay

Ebay’s e-commerce tool is known worldwide. The online selling giant has a list of selling and buying categories that places the site at the top of the list for selling and buying action. The categories surround collectibles, antiques, clothing, and cars which are the most popular topics. Designer handbags and designer clothing can be sold by an ebay valet. The seller receives 80% of the sale and the ebay valet receives 20% of the sale. An ebay valet is an independent tech that is educated in the selling and distribution of brand name items. There are several drop off locations hosted by Fedex throughout the U.S. This is something new from ebay.

The old e-commerce method is that shipping and expedited shipping, items as described in listings is how “top rated sellers” are born on the site. Having charities on the site is beneficial to its e-commerce activities. With innovative strategies such as this, ebay will continue to show growth in the upcoming years.

Until charities have a strong online presence as ebay has, charities will continue to compete for business in regards of donations of clothing. E-commerce is the way. And ebay has showed strength in this area. Christmas season is right around the corner. Who will win the clothing war?


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