Online Selling Giants: Ebay and Etsy


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There is something appealing to me about online selling. I just can’t seem to put my finger on it entirely. Since 2009, I’ve been a fellow eBay seller, selling candles and other specialty merchandise on eBay. I’m in love with eBay. And the company continues to grow, providing special offers and perks for both buyer and seller. What would the world be without eBay? I don’t care to imagine. Because I’m really hoping eBay is still around in the upcoming years. What well known items are eBay most known for? Antiques, collectibles, jewelry, electronics, and automobiles are most popular and the most successful categories on eBay. This is the conclusion for the first “E.”

On the other hand, Etsy, a longtime pioneer website for the sale of handmade items brings something different to the table. Although I’m not an Etsy seller, Twitter and my frequent visits to Etsy shops keeps me informed of what items are “red hot” on etsy. What’s hot on etsy? The list includes:

Bohemian clothing
Crochet clothing
Crochet accessories
Handmade fashion jewelry
Arts and Crafts
Wedding Dresses
Wedding Gifts
Personalized Gifts

Handmade items are often sold on eBay by eBay stores and eBay sellers, but in my book, eBay can’t compete with in etsy in the sale of handmade items. Etsy is a leader in this particular industry. This concludes the 2nd “E.”

In conclusion, the special offers and perks between both the 2 Es’ are small and great. eBay offers buyers guaranteed buyer protection if they don’t receive an item as described. It’s partner company, PayPal, doesn’t release funds until the item is shipped and feedback is given on eBay for the item. It also offers sellers 50 free listings a month to sell an item, an added bonus is increased selling limits. Whereas, etsy offers 40 free listings as a site promotion. Both of the Es’ are leaders in their industries. Just know that you will be treated fairly if you choose to do business on either of the sites. Happy Shopping!

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  1. I sell on both Es but prefer Zibbet is an amazing caring online store. They are missing some of the glitz you get on the E’s but they really care and do so much to make sure you are successful. Hope you will check them out.

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