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Absence Of Love


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There are no rules in love,
When it comes to a complete stop,
When it stops roaring,
When the thunder it brings stops rolling,
You’re just a cloud in the atmosphere with the absence of love.

Absence of love,
Clarity arrives,
No confusion,
Hearts involved are in agreement,
When the love dies,
When the love is removed,
You become witness of the absence of love,
Life goes on.


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Why Are Women Prime Targets For Auto Centers Unfair Prices?


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I hate to say it, but us women are prime targets for auto centers unfair prices simply because we are women. Another reason being is that most of us are inexperienced when it comes to getting estimates, price quotes, etc. when trying to obtain service for auto repairs. Most of us are simply not educated in automotive, don’t know the questions we should be asking, and refuse to conduct thorough research when it comes to price matching for auto repairs.

Ladies, we have to do better in this area. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you don’t become an easy target:

Get your entire vehicle tested first. This is usually free to do. If it does cost, it’s usually a small fee. It’s worth it. Because the results produces an analysis of everything that may be wrong with your car.

Next, get an estimate or price quote so you can conduct research and shop for the best service providers and deals.

Be sure to check the reputation of auto repair shops before doing business with a service provider. This will save you a lot of trouble and money if things seem fishy with some auto centers.

Lastly, we as women wear many hats in today’s world. We’re mothers, wives, business owners, etc. You name it. We don’t have to be victims of this growing epidemic. Always research auto centers before doing business with them.

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Online Customer Reviews For Lemon Sugar Scent


Kathryn’s Scented Gifts is going behind the scenes to find out why fresh lemon sugar scent is so loved. We’re sharing customer reviews for this scent from perfume collections, candles, and more. Over at:, customers are saying that they are not getting the lemon sugar scent in products like promised. I don’t know what this means for, but with our Sunrise Creek Lemon Sugar candle, you will get exactly what you pay for, a sweet sugar scented candle bursting with a home baked good aroma.

Let’s go to the next review for lemon sugar scent. Over at, their body mist, “sweet on lemon sugar” receives 3.5 star rating. Customers say the scent is invigorating and says they will recommend it to someone else.

Now it’s time to see what customers are saying over at about the Yankee lemon & sugar candle. This particular candle is something that the Girl Scouts and Yankee Candle have come together to market one of the Girl Scout’s favorite cookie scents. Customers have given it a 5 star rating. And it’s currently out of stock. That’s a good sign that candles overall wins the fight when it comes down to the sale of the lemon sugar scent.

Kathryn’s Scented Gifts has an ebay auction happening right now for our Sunrise Creek Lemon Sugar Mason Jar Candle 5 oz.

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Starting Bid Price: $7.95
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Happy Shopping!

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Big Red Balloons


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The vintage party favor,
Although new types of favors are in the limelight,
The red balloon has lasted through the decades,
Everyone of us has had one at some point in our life or another,
Let’s go with the big red balloon,
Memories lead back to even the many water fights we had with the big red balloon,
Fill it up,
And have yourself a good soaking time being the soaker and the soakee,
Those were the days,
The fun times with the big red balloon,
Gifting ideas,
Yes that’s nice,
But it’s nothing like the universal big red balloon that has won the party award in my book over the years,
I will always cherish,
I will never forget,
The beginnings,
The days of the big red balloon.

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