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Lavender Crossing


There’s a storm ahead,
But all I see is purple,
The lavender of the fields,
Some say those fields lead to somewhere nice,
I want to travel down that path, into the fields,
So that I can separate myself from the strife in my life,
No one ever said those fields would be the final solution to my problems,
Letting go of what means me no good,
I’ve come upon the Lavender Crossing,
Now that I am here,
I know what I must do,
Lose myself in the passionate purple fields which represents the loss of you,
These lavender freedoms have given me liberty,
I’m ready to break free,
Whether I do it solo,
Celebrate my fortune as one,
Only God knows,
If that is my calling,
I won’t go against his decision or come undone,
Lavender Crossing,
You are exactly where I want to be,
Where the beauty of nature never ends,
And the wind never loses gravity,
Lavender Crossing will not be a meeting place where I reflect on all of my losses,
It’s where my beginning has been shaped and formed. What else can I possibly do, but appreciate the Lavender Crossing?


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The Art Of Content Marketing


The Art Of Content Marketing is to use pictures to reinforce what you have written. This has been the tradition for content marketing. And this will never change. The art of it always includes images in the connection between content marketing and digital marketing.

Some may think that this tradition of content marketing is old and faulty. But it’s not. Its the core of content marketing. And not a single innovative strategy for content marketing can be developed without the utilization of the tradition.

Please feel free to leave a comment. And Happy 4th of July weekend, you guys. Enjoy! 🙂

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It’s A Small World


We have things that connect us,
Yeah I’m talking about you,
You and me,
My name may be different than yours,
My values might be different than yours,
Whatever the case may be,
We are connected by this great big world of ours,
That GOD has given us to roam freely within,
We re-connect and connect to this world, others, and life lessons we must endure from time to time,
We are connected in this great big world,
Turning it from great to small every time we unite,
Instead of fight,
The fight must be with what we believe in,
Let what we believe in and convey inspire others,
Because in this great big world,
I mean small,
Within ourselves,
We have a lot to discover,
Let us write our own destiny,
Dream until we can’t dream anymore,
Sing until we can’t sing anymore,
Everything we are connects us in this great big world,
I mean small,
You’ve given me your precious time,
To imagine the truths I’ve spoken of,
To journey along side of me,
To an illuminating path that connects you to me,
Now at this time,
We are connected,
Yeah you,
You and me,
In this great big world,
I mean small,
The time is near,
Let it be unity,
We are connected,
Yeah, you,
You and me.

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