Advertising Bridges: Facebook vs Twitter

June 15, 2016 Kathryn
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I knew nothing about Facebook during my college years, although I had signed up for an account upon graduation, September 2009. Alumni and my high school classes were welcomed and accepted as my friends on Facebook. What I’ve come to know about Facebook with having such an account was that it gave me the freedom to personalize and customize it to my liking and that is exactly what I did. However, I really didn’t learn all the many ways I could use Facebook until I became an eBay Seller in late 2009. During late 2009, I learned how to advertise for my business using all features of the thriving advertising monster. A gentle monster. How did I do it?

Although I informed some of my friends that I was starting a business and a few of them recommended that I sign up for a business account, against their better judgment, I kept my personal account. Why did I do that? Simply because I put myself in the consumer shoes and I asked myself the question of the hour….who wants to buy from someone they know nothing about and who only wants to sell to them? I’ve never had that kind of business mindset. I wanted to offer my customers good quality products, creating value for my products was at the top of the list. Letting my potential customers get to know me was what I set out to do with my personal account.

So I entered the world of advertising with Facebook. For starters, I started a blog on WordPress and connected my Facebook account to it so that all of my friends and anyone else for that matter that stumbled upon my page could see exactly what I was doing on WordPress for my business. Next, I posted inspirational statuses daily, being the person that I am, I seek to encourage others as well, forgetting about selling my products for a moment, but creating value for my customers was my sole purpose when I used the post feature. Sharing…never used this feature, but others shared my posts which produced what I always wanted, value for my mindset, innovative ideas, and products for which I was selling. Acceptance for who I was as a person was what I was after. My potential customers were added to my friends list.


The Start Of Big Business In 2009 With Twitter

It was love at first sight with my twitter fans. I say that in the quirkiest kind of way. My followers on Twitter loved the idea that I was not a business owner who had the sell! sell! sell! personality and attitude that most business owners have on Twitter. I was often a part of business conversations, political conversations, and inspirational conversations. The features that I used to advertise myself and my business were tweeting, retweeting, quoting tweets, liking pictures, liking people and businesses who had some things in common with me, but I often searched outside of these kinds of networks to see who else was out there that I could learn from or make a difference in their life some type of way, bringing positive results to the forefront for all parties involved. Needless to say, I was in the learn! learn! learn! mode on Twitter all of the time.

When I finally decided to advertise what my business was about and what products I was selling on eBay, my followers increased immediately. I had the backings and support from different people from all walks of life. Most of my customers on eBay came straight from Twitter. So who do I recognize as the leader of advertising between Facebook and Twitter? Well, it still all depends on what your marketing plans are for your business. So both companies are winners in my book. But let’s take a closer look at Facebook and Twitter’s marketing strategies which have made both companies successful.


Facebook And Twitter’s Marketing Strategies

How is Facebook marketing to its users? Branding is number one.Whether you’re trying to bring traffic to a website or want to increase sales, why not utilize branding as one of your marketing efforts? Facebook does this everyday. Piggy back off this strategy because it has made Facebook well known today. Part of the branding set up includes following. The amount of followers you have for your business enhances your brand, sending the message to consumers or businesses outside of your network about who you are and what your company stands for.

Leverage the existing traffic to your site: You can do this by adding a Facebook widget that leads to your business profile page on Facebook, be it a personal account or a business account. How you leverage the existing traffic to your site depends on your branding efforts. Using email sign-up as a marketing tool to display your fan page url is another marketing strategy. We all use this strategy with both Facebook personal and business accounts.

Sending out mass emails to let your customers know what you’re doing is a guaranteed method to increase sales and traffic to your site. If you have a storefront, promote your Facebook page by giving out fliers and business cards when potential customers and customers visit your store. Enhancement of the brand with a storefront starts here. There are perks of having a storefront business to offset your online business. You get people in the know with your offline presence which some consumers still prefer these days even though e-commerce has evolved and has taken business owners to the next level in their business. These are just a few marketing strategies that are useful that Facebook is doing ( Roel Manarang).


Twitter’s overall marketing strategy is to create and promote compelling content that will be useful to its users. Political views seems to be what rocks twitter users boats. Conversations about political standpoints open up other conversations such as likes or dislikes about certain topics, how-to-lessons, and so on. One cannot argue that the Marketing Strategy of Twitter is easier to comprehend and understand than those of Facebook. Remember, it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your advertising campaign for your business in making the decision on which will work better for you. The whole point of advertising is making a connection with people who wish to add to your network, be it personal or on a business level. What can threaten the success of your online business is the amount of fake profiles and companies that seek to steal and phish for personal information. Be safe. Research. Be in the know. Stay informed on how you can protect your business and consumers.


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