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My Thoughts About, BREXIT


My thoughts about Brexit…well thinking about Brexit is quite frightening. Although the start of it all leads back to the UK, but the lasting affect could be felt by us all. The way we do business depends on trade and import. Being a part of this is every countries way of life, bringing hope to its economy which profits from trade and imports increases capital for businesses which is also used to create new jobs for citizens. Brexit not only threatens this, but the stock market as well. The list goes on.

My angle of this story is to ask these questions…how will this affect the poor, the middle class, start-up businesses, small businesses, let alone, the entire world? No one knows exactly, but one can only imagine. From a business perspective, it’s definitely going to change the way we do business. Instead of competing with our competitors, we might have to walk hand and hand to survive such a global disaster. Our duties would be to build business relationships and also share key information with our competitors to sustain our way of life as small business men and women. We would have to be proactive in our communities, reaching out to those who may be less fortunate. We will most definitely have to unite if this scary word Brextin happens.

The Task Of Writers In The Brextin Crisis

It would be heart wrenching to people from different countries if the Brextin crisis does happen. Panic, fear, depression, and other feelings would be felt by us as a whole. The task of any writer from any genre or area of writing would be to uplift nations through our writings. Screen writers, entertain and allow individuals a way to escape the very thing that’s in front of them through their imagination. Journalists, research and report the good and bad details of Brextin, but consider the method you use to convey the information. Fiction and Indie authors, create books that may describe the Brextin crisis through words and the best imagery around. Make readers imagination go wild, but in a good way. Bloggers, do what you know best, write about your own life experiences, providing your own testimony on how you are dealing with the crisis. We all must unite as authors. Because this great big world may rely on us mostly for a way to escape their own circumstances. I pray that Brextin doesn’t happen. Lord knows I do. But if it does, everyone has to come to grips with the roles they may have to play in the Brextin crisis. We must stand together.


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Kandice Seeber, The Lampwork Beading Artist


Kandice Seeber of creates lampwork glass beads for jewelry designers, collectors, and bead lovers.


About is an in-house lampwork glass studio and small online store where you can buy handmade lampwork beads.

Kandice Seeber has always loved beads and color. She got her first start in beading working at a fabric store during her college years. She discovered several years ago that she could make beads and was hooked at that point. Kandice Seeber has been in business online since July 2001. And has been making beads since July 2002.


Her beads are made from from Effetre (Moretti), Vetrofond (Murano), CIM, Reichenbach, Double Helix, Precision, and/ or Lauscha glass, then annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting durability. Quality at its finest. Want to own these beads?

Visit the company website at:

Happy Shopping!

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Handmade Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti Soap


Butterflies Soaps is an Etsy company that specializes in handcrafted soaps and bath products. Soaps contains natural ingredients such as: shea butter, cocoa, etc.

Etsy seller name: ButterfliesSoaps

Twitter name: @butterfliessoaps

5 Star Rating

Buy a single soap, customize your order, or buy wholesale. It’s all up to you.

Visit this Etsy shop today at:

Happy Shopping!

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All I Want Is You


Hey, self,
We were given a surprise today,
You’re having a difficult time taking it all in?
I understand,
I know,
But I’m here to let you know that it doesn’t represent who we are,
Growth is coming,
Wait on the hour for continuance in living to come,
Don’t go nowhere, self,
Do you hear me?
Cancel all of your appointments today,
We need to have a carefree mind,
So we can figure out a way to deal with this negative surprise,
After the love is gone from what others used to deliver to your doorstep,
Who do you have always?
The answer is, self,
There is nothing so true within me, except you,
In this lifetime,
I won’t settle for less,
I want certainty,
All I want is you.

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Flower Diaries: Multi-Colored Sabbatical


Continuing with the aromatherapy experience from the likes of Bath & Body Works this week, I have chosen a multi-colored flower as the, “Flower Of The Week.”

The name of this week’s flower is called, “The Multi-Colored Sabbatical.” Flowers are one of the natural ingredients found in essential oils which are great for aromatherapy. This week’s flower allows you to escape all the real world mayhem, hypnotizing you at the sight of its assortment of colors. The color of flowers helps us relax as well. The fragrance of flowers are enchanting and leaves us with the feeling of appreciation for one of nature’s captivating things. This is my sabbatical week. And my mind will be on this flower. It’s a reminder for us to remember to take things easy. Pure relaxation this week, my friends.

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The Channels Of Writing


Writing has avenues,
Your work takes you through the hidden routes,
There may be detours along the way,
But you have to make it to the parks for needed rest time,
Retiring your writer’s hand for a moment,
Collecting your thoughts,
Are you ready to visit the venues?
Your writing takes you to newly found places, award ceremonies, writing contests, book signings,
See what a visit to the venues can do for you?
Now its time to go home,
Home has always been where the heart is,
Here is where you reflect, where new visions for your writing path happens,
These are the many channels of writing.

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Calling All Authors


Calling All Authors… this post is for you. Over the years I’ve come to realize that in order to keep your gift to do what it is you do…you have to give it away. At this time, I would like to offer my writings within this blog as a gift to you. Feel free to use them to write, a book, a play, a song, or maybe even a movie. Leave a comment on how you would like to use my writings. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.

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What It Means To Be Successful


Success without God…
Equals Catastrophe

                            “The Candle Lady”

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The Man In Black


He lays and waits for others to go astray,
There is nothing good in him,
Nor is life,
Nothing but pure hell and dismay,
He sleeps where there is no tomorrow,
Seek and you shall find him on the wrong side of the game,
In this game,
There are no winners.

The man in black,
And dictates in the end game,
Don’t toy with darkness in your life,
All God wants for us is to experience true living,
At your darkest hour,
God will win it all for you,

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Memoir Of A Queen


Journey me,
Journey me,
A woman in distress,
Troubling waters have me such a mess.

I’m beaten down,
I’m torn up,
Pressures of life,
Sorrows of the past and present,
Makes me narrow minded, afraid, don’t know who to trust.

My weaknesses have gotten the best of me, this queen,
My crown on the ground,
A queen with no inspiration,
A queen that has had her dreams and ambitions cut down,

There is something brewing within,
This avid queen starts to listen to her heart,
Her imagination runs wild in a better place.
She can hear a pin drop,
With her mind at ease,
The future becomes brighter,
Nite falls within,
And then the morning comes,
She sees the sun rise and the shadows of people with helpful faces.

What a unique queen she is,
Service oriented,
Empathetic to humanity,
Her vision forms within what use to be a narrow mind,
O how things change in time.

She laid down as a princess,
But rises up as a queen,
Magnificent in wonder,
It’s hard to imagine the weight she had upon her didn’t make her lose her thunder.
She places her crown upon her head,
A queen rises up,
Memoir of her destiny belongs only to the pages of her diary,
A sacred place within a book,
If you lay down as a princess,
Rise up as a queen,
Still waters run deep,
Claim your place at the spring,
This is my memoir of a queen.
Now it’s time to right yours.

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