Stiletto Dreams: Part 1

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Since the beginning….stiletto heels have seem to have gotten one of the baddest raps. They have been associated with everything sexual known to man. Yes…stiletto heels are sexy shoes. However, the heels are broken up into categories…sexy and classy. 

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No one will knock you if you desire the heels which are deemed “sexy.” For a woman is deemed a sexy beast the moment she awakens. Its nothing wrong with being sexy…its about how you depict the word “sexy.”

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For “classy” stiletto heels are clever. They correlate  the two categories. Classy stilettos are sexy and classy heels. A woman’s confidence plays the biggest role in showing these off. She is mysterious. She is clean. She is polished. That is classy.

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“Classy Shoes” don’t always have to be black or white. And they don’t always have to be solid colors. Classy stilettos can vary in color, design, and detail. Like I said before, its all about the woman who wears them.

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We end this with something sexy. Being sexy in heels shouldn’t be something a woman runs from. Instead, embrace being sexy in heels. It is empowering and uplifting. For we are women who wear sexy heels and classy heels. Don’t be afraid to be stereotyped. For other people opinions don’t define you. You are your own woman.


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Used & Profitable

Bath & Body Works “Cool Coconut Surf” Fragrance Mist
I’ve sold so many products from Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret that were “new” on ebay. However, I didn’t realize how selling “used” or “pre-owned” products could be on ebay until now. What have I seen on ebay to make me come to this conclusion? I believe it was a bottle of perfume from Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret called “Forever Midnight” that sold for $40 on auction. How cool is that? 

Like the “Cool Coconut Surf” Fragrance Mist. .there are others that will be profitable selling.

Bath & Body Works “Aquamarine” Fragrance Mist

Bath & Body Works “Country Apple” Lotion

Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell Water Blooms” Fragrance Mist

Bath & Body Works “Twilight Woods” Fragrance Mist
Surprisingly, the ebay listing for the “Twilight Woods” Fragrance Mist has acquired a “watcher” after a 2 day run. 

Bath & Body Worls “Lovely Dreamer” Fragrance Mist

This is the newest scent from Bath & Body Works. A summer “arrival”. I’ve used this scent..this bottle personally. And it smells wonderful. I believe this alluring scent can compete with known designer fragrances. I’ll let you be the judge.

Bath & Body Works “Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea” Fragrance Mist

Bath & Body Works “Cucumber Melon” Fragrance Mist

Bath & Body Works “Warm Vanilla Sugar” Fragrance Mist

Selling “used” Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret products is profitable, but what makes them profitable for ebay sellers?  Well, customer reviews and their own personal experience with each product enables a seller to market the used products better than new ones. I will most definitely keep you guys informed with how my ebay listings are doing for used products. Stay tuned.

Happy Reading!

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Embracing the “Haul”

Bath & Body Works “Pink Cashmere” Body Wash & Body Cream…my favorites

“Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla” Fragrance Mist. Ebay buyers can’t get enough of it.

The “hauling” continues with “Fresh Coconut Colada”

“Tahiti Island Dream” is new to the collection

“Honolulu Sun” is the hottest of the Shower Gels

Big bag and my “Japanese Cherry Blossom”. This is my mother’s favorite scent

“Endless Weekend” and things

“Waikiki Beach Coconut”…i just love it.

Lot of 21 was on ebay. “Sunset by the pool” lead the way. 

I’m in love with “Cool Coconut Surf”. I recommend this scent.

The “Awesome 4”

It ends with “In the Sun” Fragrance Mist

Happy Viewing!

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Letting Go

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Good morning to all. God has allowed us to wake up this morning. So we shouldn’t waste our time worrying about what once was. “Letting Go” is the topic this morning. How do we let go. We stop thinking negatively about everything. Easier said than done. Huh? Letting go will never be easy. But where is the fun in that if everything was? You have to accept what you are at the present time and have faith in what you will be.  

When life challenges get you down, you have to always remember that love will set you free. When you love yourself, it motivates you to do more, even challenge yourself. Just believe. Because you can do this.
Letting go is a part of living. And you can’t truly live in this world if you don’t let go of the bad, the negativity. It will consume you if you hold on to it. So just for today..say to yourself, “I let go and let God.” Yeah…you have to put him in it. For the hope, the belief, the trust in self all derives from him. Knowing it!
Happy Reading!

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Me and Jennifer Garner

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“Humble women don’t complain. They sing and dance through their tribulations. In the end, they become the biggest winners in the game.”    -Kathryn

I am a woman who believes in womanhood, sisterhood, celebrating the beautiful woman that lives in us all. Humble and modest women derives from the 50s-70s’ era.

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Jennifer Garner since the beginning of her acting career has been a fun, comical, witty, smart, humble, and modest young lady. And I’m happy to see that she still posesses these qualities still today. Jennifer Garner and I could be the best of friends on any given day.

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I speak of women being humble and modest because most of today’s women lack these qualities. What is real? What is fake? So many women are caught up in reality shows, social media and don’t realize that they are not keeping it real. They are just performing for likes and whatever else.

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Some serious soul searching need to go on with some of us women because some of us are lost. Being humble, modest, or nice does not mean you’re weak. Being mean, arrogant, and obnoxious is weak. So ladies, today is the start of a new beginning with all of us. What will your new beginning be about? Will you be humble and modest? Or, mean and ugly? The choice is yours. It is you who has to live with the consequences whatever decision you make. Let it be a good one.

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Cobb Steak Salad Mystery

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The key to any “Cobb Steak Salad” is the ingredients. What they are, how they’re packaged, whether they are fresh are key factors to having a good cobb steak salad. Salad is supposed to be a healthy entree. So whatever recipe you choose in regards to “salad”, think about how healthy it is for you.

This is a mexican “Cobb Steak Salad”. And I gotta say that it looks delicious. The ingredients itself make me want to try this type of salad. Here is the recipe:

3 hearts romaine lettuce

1 1b sirloin steak

1 Avocado, large

1 cup cherry tomatoes

1 1/2 cup Cilantro packed leaves

2 cloves Garlic

1 Shallot, large


1 Cilantro vinagrette 

3 tbsp Lime juice, fresh

Oils & Vinegars

1/3 cup Olive Oil

1/3 Rice Vinegar
This type of cobb salad has it all: meat, produce, condiments, and oils & vinegars. So its guaranteed to pack a punch. You know what else? Its gluten free. How cool is that? I have got to try this Cobb Steak Salad. Does it look tasty? Leave a comment, you guys.
Happy Reading!

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Let the Record Spin

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Oh how music has changed since the 70s’ era. We’re going to talk about this era because this was around the time I was born. 
Who did we have back then? We had Marvin Gaye, The O’Jays, The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Average White Band, Stanley Clarke, Eric Clapton, and more.

This was the most memorable time for music. For the world was in a transition. Music was in a transition.

What I do know is that you learned a lot from the songs of the 70s’. Artists who were just regular people had a lot to say on various topics.

The music of today doesn’t have that feel, that way to make you imagine or relate to all while inspiring.
When it comes to 70s’ music, I will say, “Let the Record Spin” any day. Because it was love conveyed. And we fans showed love by purchasing such classics. I can’t say the same thing about the music of today. I hope it gets better one day.

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Bragging On “Pannies”

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Pancakes will always be my favorite breakfast. From my kitchen to “Ihop”, pancakes are loved in my house. There are so many recipes out there for pancakes. Its crazy!

What do we have here? We have “Vegan Pancakes” which are eggless, non-dairy. The keep it simple type of breakfast for those that love them.

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Looking to feed a crowd? Go for the “Buffet Pancakes.” These pancakes can be customized to your liking. Load up the icing, chocolates, strawberries…you name it.

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While everyone can’t eat peanut butter because of food allergies, here is a recipe for those that can. A recipe for fluffy pancakes, peanut butter, and chocolate. Where can you go wrong?

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I am a lover of “blueberry” since I was a kid. I know one thing. There are so many people that love blueberry than any other berry in the world. I know firsthand because of the “Sunrise Creek Blueberry” Candle I used to sell. Back to pancakes! The time is now to feed your tummy the good stuff. For breakfast is one of the most memorable meals of the day. So get out of bed and make the pannies. “Braggin on the pannies” Let’s eat!

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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

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Good morning, everyone. I hope all is well everyone. Today…I’m feeling real good. My birthday is tomorrow and I’ll be the big “40”. Who would’ve thought? I don’t know quite what I want to do. I just want to get spoiled and pampered on my big day. Lol. 

I myself am very nervous about turning the big “40” to be honest. I’ve been a smoker for 26 years and it’s the one thing I want to stop. 
I want to have a long life with my family. I love them so much. But I can’t do that if I continue on smoking. So I have to set a quit date and start minimizing how much I smoke. That’s the key to quitting anything. Start doing it less. Well, June 29th is my big day. And I pray that I see it. Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Reading!

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“I Do.” My Dear Pink Chiffon

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Brides expect all types of gifts from their guests on their wedding day. This year, its all about pink. Pink stockings. Pink earrings. Pink things. Pink shoes. And Pink Chiffon.

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Bath & Body Works have lots of products that are ideal as wedding gifts that can turn that new bride into a regular “hauler.” Pink Chiffon…the scent is magnificent and pretty. It is my ideal gift for the bride on any given day. Get a few single bottles, a gift set in this scent. And I tell you, your gift will not be forgotten on the biggest day of her life.

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Pink Chiffon and a new pair of heels on my wedding day. I want to be that bride…that woman that embellishes all things pink. So if going to a wedding is in your plans…go out and get the pink stuff. You’ll be glad you did. Happy Reading!

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