And The Men Are Here

And the men are here. Its been a while since I did a “Braided Kings” feature on here. I’m not doing a whole lot today, but researching. And I stumbled upon these “Braided Kings.”

A “Braided King” is any man that wears there hair in braided hairstyles. I especially love the dread hairstyles. They look so natural. The longer the better. What do you guys, thimk? Long or short dreads?

These are the new founded “Braided Kings”. We’re keeping it simple today. We’re focusing on braided mens hairstyles. Leave a comment if you like any of the new additions. Thank you.

Happy Reading!


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Good Morning: Last Days of Summer

Last Days of summer and its been awhile since I posted on here. But you guys have been on my mind all the while. Good morning, everyone. I’ve been working on new material for the blog. A book of poetry with loyalty as the topic. I’ve posted a couple of poems on here from it. So I hope you enjoy them all once I’ve completed this book. 
Happy Reading!

“Here’s to a good day!”

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Love Me Tender

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I hear the call of the wild,

Love letters fall and I’m captured by your intense heart, 

Fingertips feel like the sunshine on my skin,

You have a way with me,

Your way to love me tender,

Take my breath away forever.

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Pages of Quotes Show Returns

Be here for the “Pages of Quotes Show” happening this Sunday, September 3, 2017 where we focus on African American writers. Don’t miss it as I create quotes for the featired writer’s work. Let’s have ourselves a good time. Here’s to a creative Sunday!

Happy Reading!

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And Then they Doubt…

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Who would have thought a bipolar person would manage to get one college degree and be 6 classes away from receiving another? Who would have thought you would’ve made it through when you were sick out of your mind for 4 years. Who would’ve thought you would go from homelessness to having a roof over your head? Who would’ve thought that any good would come of you? Thank God other people thoughts don’t count.

Happy Reading!

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In and Out of Consciousness

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“Your soul sleeps in order to strengthen itself. The very breath you take may be short. It may be long. Drifting in and out of consciousness in the wilderness with the beast. I yearn to live forever.”

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Early Morning Testimony

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Good morning, everyone. Oh how I do know how stress can weigh you down if you let it. Do you know what to do to combat “stress?” Say a prayer this morning and let it go. Don’t let whatever you’ve been worried about the last few days entertain your thoughts. Be strong on your journey today and always remember God walks with you at all times no matter what you are doing. So have yourself a carefree and stress free day today. And know that your happiness is in God’s hands. Here’s to a good day. 

Happy Reading!

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Dream Killers

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Your dreams don’t have an expiration date. Now that’s a very strong statement. And I know first hand what it feels like to set out and hit an obstacle in the road. Like publishing the new poetry book I am writing. Turns out. I can’t afford to publish it and where is the help. Here my dream of having a published poetry book killed in an instant. However, I’m not one who will simply just give up. I am strong. A “go getter” type of woman. I will save all that I can. And try to get the rest of the money up by entering poetry contests. Being published is my dream. And I won’t allow my dream to be killed. This is the story of the “dream killers.”

Happy Reading!

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Sins of the Son

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Can you see it too? 

The gloom on the world?

Time doesn’t stand still for no one,

Not me,

Not you, 

But are we to blame?
Are we to blame as a country for the bad things that go on in America?

A robbery takes place, 

We turn our heads,

A victim of hate,

“Well its not me”, we say
What is it going to take for us to realize that we are all responsible for the sins of our sons? 

We all dwell here within this beautiful universe,

So the disloyal relationships,

The hate,

The envious ways brings people to do things that are not good that robs us of peace.

It starts with you.

So what are you going to do?

Commit yourself to becoming connected to the world you live in,

Its loyalty in the making.

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Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong to hope for a so mysterious,

Such a passionate love affair?

Love makes your mind wander,

Over hilltops, 

Through the trees,

Along rivers, 

And sometimes you end up at your destiny, in love.

But what happens when a sweet love affair with someone fails? 

Do you crawl up in a ball? 

Do you build a wall?


Instead, you turn to self,

Looking and searching within,

You speak,

My love affair should’ve been with you in the first place.

Loyalty Bound

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