“Sunset By the Pool” and other great scents


Photo: Lot of 4 Fragrance Mists

“Sunset by the pool” n more
Hello, my dear readers. Its been awhile since you’ve heard from me. What have I been doing since I’ve been away? I’ve been living it up with my family and selling Bath & Body Works online on ebay and offline. My customers have fallen in love with my prices. And I am so happy about that.
So what is up for sell this month on ebay? Well, the Lot of 4 Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist “Sunset by the Pool” n more. Sunset by the pool is such a lovely scent by Bath & Body Works. Its lightly scented. I love the lightly scented fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works. 

“Boubon Strawberry Vanilla”

“Georgia Peach & Sweet Tea” 

“Country Apple” mists are also included in this lot. Feel free to shop with me on ebay. Just click the link in this post for more details. Happy Shopping!


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A Victoria’s Secret World

“Victoria’s Secret Collection”

at: stores.ebay.com/kathrynscgifts

“Love Spell Unwrapped”

“Confetti Flower”

“Temptation Water Blooms”

“Bombshell Paris”…and me.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I have Valentine’s Day “goodies” packages in my store on ebay. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could give the woman in your life some things that she would most definitely use? Its the season for stocking perfume and lots of it. From designer fragrances to Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works…ebay has it covered. 
Shop my store for “Lots of 4 and 5 Products from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. Don’t miss out on the deals. 

Happy Shopping!

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Turkey Madness: Brining At Best

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The “Brined Collection”

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Sweet “India”

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Its almost “Black History Month.” And in the month of February, we give tribute to African Americans who paved the way and brought about change to the African American race. 
My special tribute today is to sweet sounding, India Arie. She is a musician, singer, and songwriter. She is the daughter of the hit music duo of the 80s”, Ashford and Simpson. What a lovely lady she is. Listening to such a poetic voice is so inspiring to me.

India Arie stands out from most singers of today. She doesn’t get caught up in the glamour and glitz. She hasn’t allowed her fame to change who she is either. She is a woman full of positivity and it is felt through all of her music. I can’t remember not one India Arie song that didn’t inspire me. She sings her heart out. Leaves her mark on the world and never fails.
My favorite India Arie song is “Brown Skin.” The lyrics to this song makes me think about me during my childhood years. The days where I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. The days where I didn’t love my natural hair. Where I didn’t love my big lips. Where I didn’t love my big nose.
I have my father’s nose to be exact and most of his features. Needless to say, I felt like an ugly duckling during those times. But I grew to understand what life was all about in my teen years. It wasn’t about looks or how you dress. It was about who you were spiritually. What made me blossom into a beautiful swan was my gift to write. My words inspired me as well as others.
Just like India Arie, I will never stop inspiring. This chocolate woman I am is content with all the aspects of being an African American woman in 2018. If it wasn’t for women like India Arie, I don’t know where I would be. So today, I want to shed light on this young lady who is a huge gem in society. Thanks India for always being true to self. African American women have a long way to go as far as having high self esteem. We hold the key inside of us. And it will only manifest itself through discovery. Thank you for viewing.
Happy Reading!

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Turkey Sunday: Brining a Turkey

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Do you guys remember I said “Thanksgiving” is everyday? Oh yes..it most definitely is. While 2017 “Thanksgiving Day” is behind us…turkey is still on my mind. In the pic shown is a “Brined Apple Cider” turkey. 
Brining entails soaking a turkey at least overnight in seasoning or liquids to induce the flavor of the turkey. The end result of this process is a delicious turkey with “moisture.” Who wants a dried out turkey? It will never get eaten in my house. My family likes their turkey with lots of moisture. We throw on our special seasonings, marinade and all.
We also do it the old fashioned way when cooking a turkey. Some people inject their seasonings and liquid solutions. However, we punch holes in the turkey during the cooking  process to ensure our seasoning and marinade gets in way down deep. We also cover the turkey with aluminum foil upon baking. This helps keep the turkey from drying out.
Another thing we do is use a big spoon to dip in the marinade and liquid solutions and pour it over the turkey throughout the cooking process. Everyone has their own special thing they do with their turkey. And that is a wonderful thing.
Glazed, roasted, deep fried turkeys are my favorites. They seem to take my “taste buds” on a little adventure every time. A juicy tasty turkey equals a family dinner that will be remembered. So brine your turkeys…glaze your turkeys…roast your turkeys. Its your taste buds you’re aiming to satisfy. And no one can satisfy them like you . Thanks for viewing!
Happy Reading!

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Why War Is Never The Answer


Could it be such a setting?

We make peace only to accept war as the answer again.

Lives lived and gone don’t feel the repercussions from it,

Nothing but those in the land of the living,

Where we are the few, the proud,

Who endures happiness and sadness,

What can we do? 

Fall in love again with our very existence,

And only then will we realize that war is never the answer.

Happy Reading!

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Evening Quote: Something for Everybody

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We end the day with some special words of encouragement. I shared my story with you all today. And I’m feeling liberated. I let go of my pain and I’m ending the day with these words.
“There is something so beautiful. Magnificent. Spectacular. He is a God for everyone. He can be used for every positive notion or positive situation. And love is his name. So when you’re feeling sorrowful…when you feel weary…just know that you are “blessed”. And with him, you are and can have everything.”

Happy Reading!
Good night, everyone

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Stocking Bath & Body Works Products

Bath & Body Works “Velvet Sugar” n more Lot of 6 Shower Gels and Lotions

at: stores.ebay.com/kathrynscgifts

“And its a sale.” Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What better time to stock Bath & Body Works products than right now? Ebay buyers are looking for the hottest scents this “hauling season.” 
On ebay, single bath & body works items for sale don’t tend to move as fast. But if you can ship lots of items at a low shipping cost, you will be successful at selling your collection.
Do you want to haul or sell items from your collection? Some bath & body works customers do both. Get the cash you need in January to February for your bath & body works products. Want to join my 99 cent bath & body works auction? Just click the link in this posting. 

Happy Shopping!

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Miracles Do Happen

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I’m a living witness that miracles still happen nowadays. I suffer with Bipolar Disorder. And don’t I know how complicated and a struggle living your life can be. I had a nervous breakdown and suffered with episodes from 2011 to 2015. I had lost my mind.
For those four years, God protected me in every aspect. I was lost and I was everywhere in the world. My family worried and wondered would I ever get my mind back. I was ready to give up, but my heavenly father God never let me. Looking back on that time, at first I thought that it was just an awful time in my life. But today I realize how good of a time that was. I got to know God personally during that time. I perservered and the scars I have left on my mental are just a reminder of how good God was then and how good he is now.
Thank God I have my mind back and I’m back with my family. I’m also glad that I’m back with you guys.

The first thing I wanted to do when I got my mind back was to kiss my little girl and let her know I would never leave her again if it was God’s will. I’ve been through a lot. And I’m still here…stronger than Hercules himself. Those who suffer with Bipolar Disorder go through a lot. It impacts your life. But I’m here to tell you that miracles still happen today. Look at what God has done for me. Be ever so grateful for your life and never stop. Thanks for viewing.
Happy Reading!

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God is Good

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When you have been getting blessed as much as I have lately, you can’t help but remember how gracious and good God is. He is everywhere. And he is in everything. If you believe in him, you will always be blessed. Always stay faithful and never doubt because God will bring you through time after time. You who don’t know him or don’t have a personal relationship with him will know him in the end. He is always present. He is real. And God is good all of the time.

Happy Reading!

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